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Ash - Year 2

Staff in our class

Welcome to Year 2, Ash Class!

Mrs Ball is our class teacher working alongside our amazing Mrs Cook. 

Mrs Ball  Mrs Cook   

            Mrs Ball                    Mrs Cook                                       

Summer Term 1

Nocturnal Animals

Our topic is continuing this half term where we shall be specifically looking at nocturnal animals, their habitats, their behaviour and what makes them special to be able to live and enjoy their lives in the dark! Linking in with this, our SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) will be looking at different roles that humans do during the night and how they adapt to living the opposite to us.

Our Science is closely interwoven with our topic as everything we are doing is looking at animals, habitats and lifecycles. Our Literacy is looking at two texts, firstly The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson and then The Twits by Roald Dahl so that we can write our own versions of Plop the Owl and then analyse characterisation.  For our Speaking and Listening challenge, the children shall be thrown into a Nocturnal Emergency Situation and in teams have to sort solutions!  Phonics is still continuing every morning first thing and our spellings each week are linked to what we are doing in class and tested every Friday.

We shall continue to have our PE sessions every Tuesday and Friday.  This half term’s topic is based outside, so we need our outdoor PE kit including trainers and jogging bottoms in case the weather is a bit nippy. Please make sure that your child has their PE kit which is named with them for every session.

As a team, we are always here for you.  If you need to discuss anything, please come in and chat to us. 

Mrs Ball and Mrs Cook


My Way Homework

We shall be setting homework around our topic and this shall be stuck into our books for you and we shall keep you informed each week.


Useful Websites

Phonics Games:

Phonics is very important as this comes into every lesson and every subject.  Here is a great link for you to try at home: Sandcastle Quiz – build a sandcastle and get to know the common spelling patterns for the Year 2 vowel phonemes, Write a Postcard – help Salty Sam to write a postcard and get used to using words containing alternative spelling patterns for vowel phonemes in sentences, Magic Pencil – watch how magic pencil writes vowel phonemes then have a go yourself!, play some games then do your own worksheets.

I Am Learning

Don’t forget that you can also get onto ‘I am learning’ where you can play fun games which backs up the learning which we do in our classroom.  If you are not sure of your password, come into school and we will tell you:

Numeracy Games:

Snakes and Ladders – Practise counting to 100 whilst having fun!:

ICT Games:

Play these fun maths games: n umber facts, bridgring through 10, counting, money, addition,  subtraction, time, odd and even, shape and measure, place value, more or less, multiplication and rounding, equivalence and time.

Safer ICT: Hectors World

Watch these videos to see how to stay safe on the internet.

Science Games:

Fantastic exploration games for Year 2 such as Health and Growth, Plants and animials in their local environment, Variation,  Grouping and Changing materials, Forces and movement and using electricity:

Geography Games:

Barnaby Bear

Find out about other places that Barnaby Bear has visited!