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Ash - Year 2

Staff in our class

Welcome to Year 2, Ash Class!

Mrs Ball is our class teacher working alongside Mrs Cook, Miss Briers and Miss Robinson. 

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Spring Term

Dungeons and Dragons!


This half term, we will continuing to develop a cross curricular mix of subject areas based on our exciting topic of Dungeons and Dragons!  Through this topic we will develop skills in a range of areas including History, Design Technology & Art, ICT, PE, Literacy & Numeracy!! The following is an example of the types of activities we will be carrying out this term. 

  • As Historians, the children will be finding out about the way of life of people in the past. We will research castle life, looking at coats of arms, food and the designs of castles. We will also find out about entertainment such as jousting and court jesters.
  • As Geographers we will be looking at castles all over the world and finding the ones nearest to us.
  • As Designers we will be we will be exploring mechanisms. We will look at how drawbridges work and we will design and make our own. We will also design and make dragon catchers (just in case we see any in the school grounds!
  • As Artists we will be designing, and creating our own coats of arms, using the ideas from our research to help us. We will also be deigning a new Tower for Tamworth Castle using our Science knowledge, properties of materials.
  • As Scientists we shall be looking at forces and movement and how essential this is when designing battle weapons. We shall also make a few of our own!
  • As Creative Thinkers we shall be using the fantastic outdoors area we will be thinking about creating dragon dens (in case any dragons come for a visit) and we will also be training to be a knight, ready for a Knight’s Challenge! If we have time, we are also going to hold a Banquet in the style of those held many years ago.  
  • As Members of a Community linking in with our SMSC we will explore the rules of castle life. We will find out who made the rules and what happened if they were broken. We will then explore how our community (school) makes rules and how rules and laws are made now.
  • As Time Travelers we hope to be visiting a local castle to bring all of our learning to life and experience it first hand.


Our Literacy is based around a fantastic text ‘The Dragon Machine’ by Helen Ward which will stat our creative thinking about dragons and writing Fantasy Stories. Then, we shall be looking at non-fiction texts where we shall research facts about castles and write our own information panels for our class museum.  The children will be inviting you in at the end of this unit to share with you all of their amazing learning so keep an eye out for your invitation!

Phonics and Spellings!

Our phonics will run daily, first thing after registration and again grouped specifically to your child’s needs. We will continue to use the Read Write Inc. Phonics which all children in Key Stage 1 have experienced last year and loved.  This programme teaches reading for meaning, reading of ‘alien words’, ‘blending’ and also brings in their handwriting at the same time, embedding their learning on a daily basis.  Their spellings each week will be reinforcing their learning and these will be taken from their Ruth Miskin reading books.  Due to the success of our phonics, there are some children who are already off this programme and they will continue to work with Miss Poynton understanding suffixes, prefixes, root words and the manipulation of these root words for complex spelling patterns.  These children’s spellings will based around what they are doing in class, again bringing a context of their learning.  Spellings will be given out at the beginning of the week with their new books and then tested on Fridays.  It will be great if you could help your child to learn these spellings so they can apply these in their writing on a daily basis.  Phonics is fun and fast paced and if practiced daily at home as well as school, we shall see the children progress at an exciting pace.

My Way Homework

We shall be asking the children to create either a Dragon from our text, The Dragon Machine by Helen Ward or to explore the huge topic of Castles. They can create a castle, write facts about castles, explore who lived in a castle, understand the different levels in society from the Lord to the servants, examine the rules of society at that time such as what were the Ladies supposed to wear, act etc.  Let your imagination and your creativity flourish!

Castle Trip

We are currently organising a trip to a local castle and are awaiting confirmation.  As soon as this has been done, we shall let you know!

We are very excited about your child's learning during this year as I hope you will be too.  We LOVE for parents and carers to come in and help the children and if you have any specific skills which you could share, please let us know and we shall organise times when it is convenient for you to come in too.

Thank you for all your continued support,

ThenYear 2 Team.

Useful Websites

Phonics Games:

Phonics is very important as this comes into every lesson and every subject.  Here is a great link for you to try at home: Sandcastle Quiz – build a sandcastle and get to know the common spelling patterns for the Year 2 vowel phonemes, Write a Postcard – help Salty Sam to write a postcard and get used to using words containing alternative spelling patterns for vowel phonemes in sentences, Magic Pencil – watch how magic pencil writes vowel phonemes then have a go yourself!, play some games then do your own worksheets.

I Am Learning

Don’t forget that you can also get onto ‘I am learning’ where you can play fun games which backs up the learning which we do in our classroom.  If you are not sure of your password, come into school and we will tell you:

Numeracy Games:

Snakes and Ladders – Practise counting to 100 whilst having fun!:

ICT Games:

Play these fun maths games: n umber facts, bridgring through 10, counting, money, addition,  subtraction, time, odd and even, shape and measure, place value, more or less, multiplication and rounding, equivalence and time.

Safer ICT: Hectors World

Watch these videos to see how to stay safe on the internet.

Science Games:

Fantastic exploration games for Year 2 such as Health and Growth, Plants and animials in their local environment, Variation,  Grouping and Changing materials, Forces and movement and using electricity:

Geography Games:

Barnaby Bear

Find out about other places that Barnaby Bear has visited!