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Welcome to Year 2!

The children in Ash Class are taught by - 


           Miss A Poynton - Class Teacher           Mrs K Roper - Learning Support Assistant   

Mrs Beaverstock 

                              Mrs N Beaverstock - 1 to 1 support                             

Autumn Term 1

A warm welcome back to the autumn school term here in Ash class. In Ash our topic is 'Mrs Armitage on Wheels', based on the very well known book written and illustrated by Quentin Blake. Our topic will begin by reading an exciting letter sent to the class from Mrs Armitage herself, where we will then begin to think about designs for a new vehicle to make for her. The class will then move on to investigating toy vehicles, learning about different tools and then finally design and make their very own vehicle for Mrs Armitage! 

Within the main task we will investigate materials in science and think about which material makes the best wheels and which materials are waterproof. We will then record our results using a database on the laptops. We will learn about famous people in history including Henry Ford (the first manufacturer who mass-produced cars), John McAdam (engineer and road-builder) and John Dunlop (a founder of the rubber company that made tyres for cars), and set up a 'production line' to make simple vehicles with construction kits like Henry Ford! Throughout this time we will also monitor the traffic in the locality of our school by carrying out a small survey, and think about how the environment could be improved if there were less cars. In art we will create observational drawings and explore how different illustrator's interpret vehicles including Quentin Blake himself. From this we will then try out some bike wheel weaving, design something to keep Mrs Armitage dry, and a final study of the artist Kadinsky. We will also have some great fun composing a simple tune for Mrs Armitage's horn on her vehicle and take some time to think about road safety as a pedestrian, a passenger in a vehicle and also as a road user. 

If you have any items or books that may be useful for our topics or any other area of school life then please bring them in. We are also always collecting 'junk modelling' materials for use in Art and Design and Technology (particularly this term!) so we would be grateful for anything! These materials could range from boxes, jar lids, fabric scraps, sweet wrappers to plastic bottles, cartons and cardboard tubes!

PE kits and days 


We will be continuing with two hours of PE a week, every Wednesday and Thursday. It is very important that your child have a suitable indoor and outdoor PE kit with trainers. PE kit shoud be a white t-shirt and dark shorts with a jumper or hoody to keep warm. Please make sure that your child's PE kit is clearly named. It is probably best to leave it in school throughout the week and take it home at weekends to be washed. 


Homework is very important as it helps your child to go over and practice what they have learnt in school. It also helps to keep you informed of their progress and the current topics in the classroom. 

We are now setting homework differently in Year 2. My Way Homework will now be set once a term, and will prepare your child for their next topic. Spellings will be set weekly and children will be tested on Fridays. Daily reading is also essential. We also have some brand new Number Work books if your child would like to complete any activities in there too. If you have any questions about homework, please always ask.

Things we need

  • Please ensure that your child brings their book bag with reading book and diary into school every day.
  • A water bottle and a snack for break. Incase you forget, there is always fruit in the classroom each day and also fresh water.  You can also send in some tuck money- just hand it in to Miss Poynton who will keep it safe. 
  • Please ensure that your all of your child’s clothing is clearly labelled with their name so that items of clothing can always be given back.

Celebrating success! 

Ash is full of amazing children and we want to celebrate every success and achievement during this year both inside and outside of school. Mrs Harvey and myself would love to hear about all the amazing things your child does, so please do come in and tell us about them.

... and finally

We hope your child is as excited about the Autumn Term in Ash class as we are.

As a team, we are always here for you. If you need to discuss anything, please do come in and have a chat. If however you would like a longer session to talk about your child's needs please make an appointment so we can discuss your child without feeling rushed. If you need any other information please do not hesitate to ask. 

Here's to a fantastic year ahead!

Miss Poynton

P.S Keep checking back for our latest newsletters, information about what we are getting up to in class or pictures of us having lots of fun!


Click on the link below to access our latest class newsletter.

Autumn Newsletter

Useful Websites

Active Learn Primary

Bug Club (e-books) and Active Learn Maths games. We have just had brand new usernames and passwords for this website. Letters have been sent out with your child detailing this information. If you cannot access your account please see Miss Poynton and she will endeavour to sort it out for you.

Phonics Games:

Phonics is very important as this comes into every lesson and every subject.  Here is a great link for you to try at home:

  • Sandcastle quiz – build a sandcastle and get to know the common spelling patterns for the Year 2 vowel phonemes
  • Write a postcard – help Salty Sam to write a postcard and get used to using words containing alternative spelling patterns for vowel phonemes in sentences
  • Magic Pencil – watch how magic pencil writes vowel phonemes then have a go yourself! some games then do your own worksheets.

I Am Learning

Don’t forget that you can also get onto ‘I am learning’ where you can play fun games which backs up the learning which we do in our classroom.  If you are not sure of your password, come into school and we will tell you:

Numeracy Games:

Snakes and Ladders – Practise counting to 100 whilst having fun!:

ICT Games:

Play these fun maths games: number facts, bridging through 10, counting, money, addition,  subtraction, time, odd and even, shape and measure, place value, more or less, multiplication and rounding, equivalence and time.

Safer Computing: Hectors World

Watch these videos to see how to stay safe on the internet.

Science Games:

Fantastic exploration games for Year 2 such as health and growth, plants and animals in their local environment, variation,  grouping and changing materials, forces and movement and using electricity:

Geography Games:

Barnaby Bear

Find out about other places that Barnaby Bear has visited!

Remember, if you have access to an iPad or tablet, there are lots of fantastic educational apps that can also help your child with their learning in lots of fun ways! If you are unsure of any good apps to use then feel free to come in and have a chat.