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Welcome to Beech!


Welcome to a new term. It won't be long before our end of Key Stage Two Statutory tests are upon us. Many thanks to those children who arrive everyday at 8.30am and stay for boosters after school on a Tuesday and a Thursday. They will certainly benefit when it comes to their exams.

We are still in full revision mode. For your information the timetable for Sats week is as follows:

Monday 8th May - Reading paper

Tuesday 9th May - Grammar Punctuation and Spelling papers

Wednesday 10th May - Maths paper 1 (Arithmetic), Maths paper 2 (Reasoning)

Thursday 11th May - Maths paper 3 (Reasoning)

It is tradition that to celebrate end of Sats the children bring in 'water guns' (Super soakers) with the aim being to wet me! This will take place on the afternoon of Friday 12th May.Please ensure your child has a change of clothing.


On Wednesday 24th May, the children will be visiting 'Warning Zone'. This is a fantastic place, run by volunteers where the children are encouraged to make the right decisions when faced with difficult situations. This visit is funded entirely by the 'Rotary Club' and school, and will help the children become 'Secondary ready'.

We have begun our fundraising for our end of term visit to 'Harry Potter World'. We need to raise over £1000 and our total so far stands at £271. We will be selling sausage rolls and drinks every Friday, holding a 'bring and buy' sale (Thursday 15th June) and doing a sponsored swim (Monday 5th June). Please support your child so that we raise enough money for this fantastic day out.


Please see below for links to websites that are helpful for revision.


Mrs Dawes and Mrs Taylor

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