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Welcome to Beech!


Welcome to the second half of the Autumn term.

This half term we will be studying 'Titanic'. We will link this topic with History and SMSC. The children will be:

  • Researching one of the passengers and writing a biography
  • Producing a poster advertising the Titanic
  • Writing a newspaper report
  • Producing a fact file
  • Writing an essay about who they think was to blame for the disaster
  • Analysing texts of the time 

 Thank you to those who have sent in your 'My Way' homework. Remember, it should be in school by Friday 10th November.

Other curriculum areas covered this term:

  • Science: Electricity
  • Computing: Coding
  • Geography: OS mapping
  • Music: Composers and composing
  • Maths: Multiplication, division, algebra, fractions, geometry, properties of shape, ratio and proportion, decimals and percentages.
  • RE: Justice and freedom
  • Art and design: Famous artists.


Times tables and spellings will be continue to be tested on a Friday.Thank you for continuing to support your child with these.


On Wednesday 20th December, the children will be visiting 'Warning Zone'. This is a fantastic place, run by volunteers where the children are encouraged to make the right decisions when faced with difficult situations. Included in this full day visit will be 'online safety'.This visit is funded entirely by the 'Rotary Club' and school, and will help the children become 'Secondary ready'.


Please see below for useful revision websites.



Mrs Dawes and Mrs Taylor

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