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Welcome to Birch!



Year 4 Team


Mrs P Stanton - Class Teacher

Mrs C Youngs - Learning Support Assistant ( Mon - Wed)

Mrs S Morgan - Learning Support Assistant (Thurs - Fri)




What's Happening in Birch Class



A warm welcome back to Birch Class after our short mid term break


Literacy this term consists of the children writing a biography about an astronaut's first visit to Mars.  We will be reflecting on Neil Armstrong's journey to the moon, to find the qualities and talents required to become an astronaut.


We will also produce and present a podcast of a story which has changes to the plot to keep the listener enthralled.


 In our science lessons we will be discovering how electricity works.  We will be visiting a Power Station to find out how electricity is produced.  West Burton Power Station is a gas and steam powered power station which makes it efficient and cost effective.


During History, we are finding out about the Ancient Greeks.  We will discover the differences between the ancient and modern olympics. As well as looking at the developments made to understanding plumbing, inventions and medicine during this period of history.




PE Kits and days


It is very important that your child has a suitable indoor and outdoor P.E. kit with trainers.


P.E. kit should consist of t-shirt, shorts and plimsolls/pumps. We would also recommend jogging bottoms, a jumper/hoody and trainers as we will be outside as much as possible, even when it's cold.


Even though, we have set days for P.E. (currently a Thursday and Friday) these can often change at short notice.  Therefore, it is best to leave P.E. kit in school throughout the week and take it home at weekends to be washed.




Please ensure that all of your child’s clothing is clearly labelled with their name so that items of clothing can always be returned.


Please ensure that your child brings their book bag with reading books and diaries into school every day.


Homework, Spellings, Times Tables and Reading


Homework will be handed out on a Friday and is expected to be returned by the following Thursday, unless stated otherwise.

Homework is not expected to take a long time and children should be able to complete it independently, but we would always encourage parents to get involved with their child's learning.


Spellings will be given out on a Friday with the test on the following Friday. All children are given opportunity to practise their spellings in school but I have found that daily practice 5 -10 minutes is beneficial to your child's progress.

Image result for spellings


Times table practice is crucial in giving your child the skills to progress in Maths.  These are practiced regularly in the class, but to gain speed and fluency I would suggest practising daily (5 - 10 mins).  There are apps and BBC bite size computer programs which can help with this. 


Reading is vitally important to every child and it really opens up the world to them . However, I would kindly ask that you listen to your child read at home 2-3 times a week as it really does make a big difference. Please record any reading sessions in the child's reading log. 

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At the start of each topic the children will receive 'My Way Homework'. This is an extended piece of homework, where children will have the opportunity to express their learning in any way they wish - let your imagination run wild! It has been my experience that children really enjoy this and we have had many fantastic pieces of homework from this.


If you have electronic homework, please email it to;


Useful Web Links:



Active Learn is an online learning platform which is used during numeracy and literacy lessons . All children have their own individual log-ins for this

The BBC Bitesize website has some excellent activities to help practise Maths, Literacy and Science skills.

BBC supermovers  is a good website to practice times tables, whilst moving.

I am Learning is a super games revision website with links to many subjects. All children have been provided with a log-in for this. 
Sumdog is a Maths based revision site again filled with many games. Children have been provided with a log-in for this.

If your child has lost any log-in details, please come into class and request a new one.


Celebrating Success


Birch is full of wonderful children and we want to celebrate every success and achievement during the year.  We would love to hear of any progress your child has made outside of school. 



Thank you for visiting our school website and our class page. If you need to discuss anything, please come in and chat to us preferably at the end of a school day. If however, you would like a longer session to discuss your child’s needs, please make an appointment so we can discuss your child without feeling rushed. 


Once again, myself and the rest of the team wish to thank you for all your help and support.

Mrs Stanton and the Year 4 Team

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