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Computing at Booth Wood

Our Computing Equipment


As computers and computer systems are an ever changing aspect to society we aim to provide our pupils with new and unique ways to explore the Computing curriculum, whilst developing outstanding skills and knowledge to operate new and existing technology.

Apple iPads


Every child is born full of creativity and through the use of iPads we are able to nurture this by providing all pupils with an electronic pencil case that enhances their learning. Our iPads are fully integrated within all lessons by using them as a resource that provides pupils with all work they require to achieve an inspirational learning experience. As well as this, by using our iPads to support our pupils learning it also helps us to be an eco friendly school by using less paper!


How our iPads support our learning!


We have a set of Sphero Robots within school that show the pupils a new way to programming and coding. Sphero's robots are able to be commanded through the use of drawing, drive commands, block-based coding and even JavaScript text. Sphero's are focused on the progression of our pupils as they are fully accessible to all through the 'Sphero Edu' application. As well as this, we are part of the Sphero Community in which we are able to share our creations, inspire others and also challenge ourselves to complete tasks that have been created from other Teachers in the community. Sphero robots are a great way to inspire brilliant young minds by bringing a new aspect to programming.


Our Sphero's are used throughout various subjects, such as Art and Science. We are able to programme the Sphero's to roll through paint and create a piece of art work! As well as this, the Sphero's are fully functional in water, which brings a new way of learning Science as they not only float, but also move in water too!

Sphero Obstacle Course

Sphero Obstacle Course 1
Sphero Obstacle Course 2
Sphero Obstacle Course 3
Sphero Obstacle Course 4

Sphero Golf!

Still image for this video

Art and Design - Sphero Obstacle Course!

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VR Headsets



ClassVR is a groundbreaking technology designed to help raise engagement and increase knowledge retention for pupils of all ages. They are a versatile platform that uses the power of Virtual and Augmented Reality for education. ClassVR helps to spark the imagination of pupils by providing them with a real-life experience of new environments, allowing them to learn in a new way.

A new way of experiencing R.E!

 A new way of experiencing R.E! 1
 A new way of experiencing R.E! 2
 A new way of experiencing R.E! 3
 A new way of experiencing R.E! 4
 A new way of experiencing R.E! 5
 A new way of experiencing R.E! 6

Bringing History to life!

Bringing History to life! 1
Bringing History to life! 2
Bringing History to life! 3
Bringing History to life! 4
Bringing History to life! 5
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