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‘SMILE - Stimulating Minds through Imaginative Learning Experiences’


Year 1 Staff

Teacher: Miss G Murfitt

Additional Adults: Mrs L Perkins, Mr L Jenkins, Mrs T Clarke


Autumn 16-17 Timetable

Welcome to Year 1!

I hope you have all had a wonderful Summer break. Our topic this term is:

We are also going to be looking at some fantastic superhero stories, such as: ‘Super Daisy and the peril of Planet Pea’, ‘Superhero ABC’ and ‘Charlie’s Superhero Underpants’, comic strips and the use of speech bubbles. We are also going to be learning about real life superheroes and people who help us, such as the emergency services.

In History we are going to be looking at historical heroes and heroines, such as Florence Nightingale!

In Science we are going to be learning about superhero senses and our own human bodies.


We have got so many fantastic and exciting things planned; it’s going to be a wonderful first term! 

Go and see our videos and vlogs!

Click the link below to visit our Video Resource Centre smiley



Useful Information

Morning drop-off expectations


Please ensure that you say goodbye to your child before they come in to the classroom in the morning. We are trying to foster the children's growing independence so they are expected to enter the classroom by themselves, hang up their coat and place their snack and drink in the appropriate places before beginning their Early Bird activity.

If you need to discuss anything specific with Miss Murfitt, please do come in and have a chat. If however, you would like a longer session to talk about your child’s needs, please make an appointment so we can discuss your child without feeling rushed. 


  • Daily reading is essential so please continue to do so with your child smiley
  • Spellings are given out every Friday. They feature sounds that your child has been learning in their Phonics sessions. The children are tested the following Friday.
  • My Way Homework is our creative homework where your child can express their learning in any way that they like. My Way homework is set once a term and is linked to the children's upcoming topic. They can paint, make something, write a story- anything they like!

Things we need

  • It is very important that your child has a suitable indoor and outdoor P.E. kit with trainers. P.E. kit should be t-shirt, shorts and plimsolls/pumps. Even though we have set days for P.E. these can often change at short notice and therefore it is best to leave P.E. kit in school throughout the week and take it home at weekends to be washed.
  • Please ensure that your all of your child’s clothing is clearly labelled with their name so that items of clothing can always be given back.
  • Please ensure that your child brings their book bag with reading books and reading records into school every day.


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