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Welcome to Year 3! I hope you have all had a great Summer break and are ready to dive straight in! This term we will be learning all about 'Chocolate!' and looking at 'Animals including Humans' in Science.






This topic has to be my favourite topic of all time, and I'm sure the children will love it just as much as I do! We will begin by locating where in the world chocolate comes from and we shall study what life is like in these countries . We will then follow the journey of a cocoa bean; learning where it begins life and how it comes to be the delicious chocolate bars we enjoy so much! In Art & DT, we shall be designing and making our own chocolate bars and in order to do this, we shall have to carry out some market research, which will obviously involve tasting chocolate! Finally, we shall take a trip to the Cadbury World in Birmingham and learn all about how Cadbury's chocolate became so famous! 





Animals including Humans

This unit will teach the children the importance of the right type and amount of nutrition as well as the functions of skeletons and muscles. We shall begin by identifying how living things obtain food by comparing how humans and plants obtain food differently; as well as identifying the right types of nutrition by examining food groups and nutrient groups. The children will then be able to compare and group animals by their diets. We will then move on to investigating different types of skeletons, identifying different bones in the body and exploring the three main functions of a skeleton. We shall finish this unit by setting up a simple practical enquiry to examine how muscles work and why we need them in order to move.








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Things we need

Please ensure that your child has a suitable indoor and outdoor P.E. kit with trainers. P.E. kit should include: t-shirt, shorts and plimsolls/pumps. As some of our P.E. lessons will be outside, even when it is cold, it is recommended that children have jogging bottoms, a jumper/hoody and trainers as well. Even though we have set days for P.E. these can often change at short notice and therefore it is best to leave P.E. kit in school throughout the week and take it home at weekends to be washed.

In order to return items to your child should they lose them; please ensure that all of your child’s clothing is clearly labelled with their name .

Please ensure that your child brings their book bag with reading books and diaries into school every day


Homework is very important as it helps your child to revise what they have learnt in school. It also helps to keep you informed of their progress and the current topics in the classroom. 

Spellings are set weekly and children will be tested on Fridays.

Times tables practice sheets and/or Maths homework are given out weekly and are due in on Fridays in preparation for our exciting 'Times Tables Challenge'.

Daily reading is also essential. 

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