Art, Design and Technology

At Booth Wood Primary School all children will be entitled to experiences in Art and DT which will:

  • Be Inspiring, enriching, varied and enjoyable.

  • Challenge them to their full potential.

  • Offer learning experiences of the highest standard possible, irrespective of gender,

    ethnic background, age or disability.

    The art programme is designed to provide experiences which cover the full range of individual strengths and abilities through the widest possible range of activities.​

Art Gallery

Booth Wood Primary School held its very own art exhibition- National Portrait Gallery style! A company called Arts Images joined us for the day to exhibit every child in the schools imaginative art.  Each classroom had a theme from space to Picasso portraits. The children thoroughly enjoyed spending time on their art and inviting parents and carers in to see what they have produced. A very worthwhile project that was enjoyed by all!

Cross curricular Art and DT

There are many geometrical links between mathematics and art. During maths lessons the children have been challenged to draw their own symmetrical patterns, 2D shapes, shape art and tessellating patterns. 


During English lessons children have been designing their own newspapers, comic strips, posters and information leaflets. The skills learnt in art lessons have been invaluable.


Design and technology skills have been applied when children have made mechanical posters for promoting new sports and they have also used IT to create animation flip books. 

Christmas card & gift tag designs

Over Christmas the school raises money by creating fun, imaginative pieces of Christmas Art to be sold at our Christmas fair. The money we raise from our Christmas fair goes straight back into school. Each class makes their own tree decorations, calendars or cards! 


My Way Homework
Since introducing ‘My Way’ Homework, we have seen an incredibly increasing number of children’s self-esteem rise through their amazing creations. As we all know, homework is very important as it helps your child to go over and practice what they have learnt in school. It also helps to keep you informed of their progress and the current topics in the classroom. My Way Homework is our creative homework where your child can express their learning in any way they want to; they can paint, make something, write a story and make photo journals- create anything that inspires them!