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Art, Design and Technology

At Booth Wood Primary School our children thoroughly enjoy Art. Here are just a few things that we do to celebrate and learn all about this subject.


Art days

A local artist joined us for the day to produce some fantastic aboriginal art. Year 4 used various tools and techniques to help us to create their work. Acrylic was used to paint large snakes curling around their pieces of cartridge paper. They waited for these to dry and continued to press cotton buds onto sponges and print lines of dots onto their snakes. The children spaced the dots evenly and drew circles to create a full aboriginal effect. The same class also designed and made their own traditional aboriginal animal sculptures using ‘Plaster of Paris’. ‘Plaster of Paris’ creates fun moulds and sculptures- Year 1 are currently undertaking a tree making project where they are designing and sculpting a real life-sized tree for their reading corner! The pieces of artwork looked incredibly stunning, particularly on our displays as you walked through the school.


On the same day, the local artist also visited the children in Year 1, where they made Australian rain sticks. The children not only had a fantastic time making them, but also creating their own music with them afterwards! Large cardboard tubes were filled with chicken wire and rice, and sealed at both ends with masking tape. The children then went on to painting them in many funky aboriginal symbols, personalising each and every one to make them their own. It was great fun!

Art exhibitions

Booth Wood Primary School held its very own art exhibition- National Portrait Gallery style! Every single class in the school studied an artist- from Picasso to Andy Warhol, and then went on to making their very own portraits. Oak class printed their own handprints whilst Year 5 focussed on silhouettes. Each and every portrait looked incredible placed in their own individual frame whilst in the gallery. Parents and Carers, Aunties, Uncles, Grandmas and Granddads piled in to see and buy their child’s portraits! For every portrait bought, £2 went towards buying valuable equipment for the school. A very worthwhile project indeed that was enjoyed by all!

Maths through art day

There are many geometrical links between mathematics and art, as we discovered throughout our day. This day was designed to increase pupils' self-esteem in mathematics lessons; challenge preconceptions of what maths is; increase pupil motivation and enjoyment; make connections between different areas of maths in a meaningful way; make cross-curricular links and develop children’s’ independent learning skills.


During our day, each class focused on something different that clearly showed progression throughout the school. Oak class got creative and explored maths and art by making their own symmetrical patterns using lots of different materials. Elm class studied Wassily Kadinsky and tried to find as many 2D shapes as they could in Kadinsky’s famous painting ‘Composition 8’. We had a local cartoonist who showed us how to sketch famous characters using line and shape. Elm class then went onto discovering M C Escher and his tessellating patterns. Another class studied Piet Mondrian- a Dutch artist who was one of the first to make completely abstract paintings. This was a truly inspiring day for all.


Christmas card & gift tag designs

Over Christmas the school carried out some more fun fundraising by designing our own Christmas Cards. We used our crafty talent to make our own cards that were printed professionally and lovingly sent to many friends and family.


My Way Homework
Since introducing ‘My Way’ Homework, we have seen an incredibly increasing number of children’s self-esteem rise through their amazing creations. As we all know, homework is very important as it helps your child to go over and practice what they have learnt in school. It also helps to keep you informed of their progress and the current topics in the classroom. My Way Homework is our creative homework where your child can express their learning in any way they want to; they can paint, make something, write a story and make photo journals- create anything that inspires them!