Lockdown Well-being Support

Every Wednesday, Mrs Hall (SENCo) and Mrs Morley (schools emotional

literacy teacher) will go into the local community to hide QR codes

spelling out words intrinsically linked to their school’s values.

During daily exercise time, families (and the local community) are

encouraged to search for codes to find the hidden word. When the code

has been cracked, finders are asked to post the wicked word on

to the schools new ‘BWPS Well-Being Wednesday Walk’ Facebook page.

Each Wednesday the word changes so you just have 1 week in which

to solve the codes.


In addition to QR codes in the community, the school has also

hidden 48 stones which have been painted by the children in the

school. Again, when they are found, people are encouraged to

take a photo of them and post on to the Facebook page:


In addition, Mrs Hall has challenged herself to run the

equivalent of a half marathon each week to keep both her mind

and body healthy. The pupils have been asked to support her

towards this goal by uploading activities that they are doing to

support their own emotional well-being. Other school staff are

also uploading their mindfulness activities.


If you would like to contribute to Mrs Hall’s Just Giving page

please visit:































During these difficult time families may find themselves requiring advise about the support they can access.

Housing Matters

Housing Matters for families is a partnership of two organisations: NCHA (Nottingham Community Housing Association) and The Bridge that we are working with to provide support.


We offer two kinds of support

  1. We provide intensive, one-to-one support through home visits and phone contact.

  2. Support will be focussed on helping people to achievesecurity and independence in

  3. their home and will typically last for up to 6 months.

  4. For short-term support, we offer a drop-in sessions.


What can the service help with?

Our service will assist people with all aspects of managing a home, such as:

• Budgeting / finance support

• Housing advice

• Benefit applications

• Managing rent arrears

• Obtaining essential household items


The service works closely with people regardless of whether they live in a council tenancy, a housing association tenancy, a private tenancy or even those who own their own home.


Due to Covid-19 restriction we have adapted the way we offer our Drop in service to phone support. If you would like to access support from NCHA Housing Matters please feel free to contact us on 0115 844 3523 or email us at FSHousingMatters@ncha.org.uk


Please see The Bridge Housing Matters for more information.

Furthermore, we also have access to local area food banks.

Useful Links, Documents and Phone Numbers

Your's and your child's mental health and well-being matters to us. Please find below some useful links to help support your child if they are being adversely affected by the current situation.

Healthy Together - https://www.leicspart.nhs.uk/service/healthytogether/

Talking Mental Health - https://www.annafreud.org/schools-and-colleges/resources/talking-mental-health-animation-teacher-toolkit/

Parent Helpline - https://youngminds.org.uk

NHS Chat Health - https://chathealth.nhs.uk

Early Help - https://resources.leicestershire.gov.uk/education-and-children/child-protection-and-safeguarding/early-help

BEAT - https://www.beateatingdisorders.org.uk​

The Laura Centre - https://thelauracentre.org.uk

Bodie Hodges Foundation - https://www.bodiehodgesfoundation.co.uk

COVID-19 Winter Support Grant:  https://www.leicestershire.gov.uk/adult-social-care-and-health/information-for-health-and-social-care-professionals/covid-winter-support-grant

OLIO - https://olioex.com

Wellbeing Tip: from 5 ways to manage your well being as a parent during lockdown


1.  Be realistic and kind to yourself. Things will rarely go according to plan, particularly now that all our routines are different. Don’t be self-critical.

2.  Notice what's on your mind. It's sometimes easy not to notice how we’re feeling, particularly in the hurly burly of life.

3.  Connect with other teachers. This is probably the hardest time any of us have lived through as teachers.

4.  Create routine and agree your own rules. Our wellbeing is often nurtured by having a daily routine, a structure to our lives.

5.  Be honest and say sorry when you can. We promote our own wellbeing by knowing when we do and don't get things right.

Well-being Wednesday Walks

Class Dojo Reward Points!

                             During the national lockdown we have implemented                           a Class Dojo reward system. We are aiming for a total of 100,000 Dojo points by the end of this half term and all pupils are able to earn points throughout their online learning!

Once this is reached, we will be having a Covid-secure event at school (when we return to face-to-face teaching) to celebrate the hard work our pupils have put into their learning whilst they have been accessing it remotely! 

Don't forget to check here weekly to see the totaliser updates!


Children's Mental Health Week

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