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The children at Booth Wood Primary School really do enjoy all things musical. Throughout the years, we have performed some amazing productions with incredible music. We have encountered live performances from talented musicians which have inspired us all incredibly. 


School productions

Ranging from ‘Rama and Sita- the story behind the festival of Diwali’ to the phenomenal KS1 performance of ‘The Magical Christmas Jigsaw’, every one of our children have contributed musically to these shows. Each year the performances just get better and better- guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye each and every time!


Indian Dance

The focus of this day was for KS2 to explore music from different cultures. Manisha came in to talk to our children about traditional Indian music and dance.



Our fabulous and dedicated choir at Booth Wood Primary School love to have a good old sing song- particularly at Christmas time where we venture into Loughborough’s Carillion shopping centre and serenade the general public with traditional and modern songs, raising money for the all important ‘Rainbows Children’s Hospice’. After this children from Beech class are chosen to spread even more festive spirit when they visit the local care home, and put a smile on everyone’s faces.


Guitar, keyboard and drum tuition

Each week we have a few professional musicians that come to our school to give children 1-1 music tuition. We have lots of children that are making the most of this opportunity and we hope to see the amount of children grow as it is a fantastic opportunity that opens up new pathways and opportunities. If you are interested in your child having 1-1 music tuition then please ask for more details at the school office.


Years 5 and 6- budding pianists!

We are extremely lucky at our school to have our very own set of Yamaha keyboards. In Years 5 and 6, children are taught about how to read music on a stave, dynamics, playing with the right and left hand, music theory and most importantly of all making their musical creations their own by changing voice, style, tempo and backing music! We love our keyboard lessons! 



We had an all boys choir that came to visit us. It was extremely inspirational and we learnt a lot from it! They performed ‘The Golden Vanity’ and then taught us some songs of their own. 


...and finally...

Here at Booth Wood Primary School we thrive on music. Music is used to calm and relax, to appreciate, to respect one another, to bring people together but most importantly to learn, enjoy and have fun with. Every day, every single child encounters music. Whether it’s singing a counting song in maths, listening to calming music whilst making art, singing as a whole school or learning how to play a musical instrument- music brings our school to life.