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Music coordinator: Caterina Harrison


Music is incredibly important at Booth Wood. 
Music is used to calm and relax, to appreciate, to respect one another, to bring people together but most importantly to learn, enjoy and have fun with. Every day, every single child encounters music. Whether it’s singing a counting song in maths, listening to calming music whilst making art, singing as a whole school or learning how to play a musical instrument- music brings our school to life.

Leicestershire Music Scheme

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We teach Music through the Leicestershire Music Scheme.

This is a whole school music planning scheme, from EYFS to Y6.  Every year group covers one unit each half term, building upon their knowledge each year. Musical skills and knowledge are developed through a creative approach and the children have access to a variety of different musical genres.

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Meet Alice, our Music ambassador!

Alice is very excited to help Booth Wood come alive with Music! 

She is there to listen to the children's ideas for singing assemblies and Music lessons! 

World Music Day 2023!

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