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    Learning resources

    There are many wonderful resources that you can use to help your child at home.

    Here's a selection of our favourites:

    Active Learn Primary

    A superb website that is great for various maths skills and reading. Times Tables Rockstars

    A great resource to help your child learn their times tables. Fast-paced and fun! Prodigy

    Known as 'the most engaging maths platform in the world'! Epic

    An online library of thousands of child-friendly ebooks and videos Go Noodle

    Super for mindfulness activities (including yoga) or perhaps burning a bit of energy! Oxford Owl

    Help your child learn and love to read with some free e-Books for ages 3-11 >

    Kiddle is also a fantastic child-friendly search engine that we use in school. Great for research and reading up on current topics!

    School Jam Maths

    School Jam is an app for you to download on your phone. Your child's teacher sets quick and fun maths activities for you to do with your child at home. All the activities are linked to what your child is doing at school. Play digital games together, and challenge each other at practical activities! Watch short maths help videos revealing how your child is learning maths at school. If you haven't received your letter with your child's School Jam code and instructions about how to set it up yet, please see Mrs Armitage.

    Have you checked out your local library service? Register today to get access to thousands of amazing story books! Click here for more information.