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What are we doing this term!

In year one we like to explore the outdoors as well as learning in the classroom.

In Literacy we are reading....

Aaaaarrrrgghhh Spider!

Within this unit of fiction reading we have been asking questions, making predictions and changing the story!

In Grammar we have been learning about full stops, capital letters and question marks.

We will also be looking at poetry and non fiction texts.

In Maths we are......

Counting unto 10 and beyond! We have been using number lines, counting squares and other maths equipment to add, subtract and group.

In Science we are.....

investigating our bodies and other animals. We have been learning about different body parts, our senses and how we are similar and different to other animals.

In Forest School we are.....

Investigating our school through Geography. We will be map making, looking at changes in our school and how thee outdoors changes through seasons.

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