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National Poetry Day

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

On 3rd October, Booth Wood Primary School celebrated National Poetry Day!

We began our day with a whole school assembly, and each class performed their poem that they had been learning for the past few weeks. They were excellent!

We then had lessons where we learnt, performed and wrote our very own poems.

Here's a few snippets of some of our amazing work from across the school:

Reception class read 'Mudlarks' by Shirley Hughes. After reading the poem the children spent time exploring mud (they do love mud!) and reflecting on the descriptive words in the poem. Can you spot our new poem in the pictures that the class will be learning soon?

Year 1 worked as a team to create a whole class poem. The children made a line each that tells you something that is true about themselves:

Year 3 created their own acrostic poems:

Year 6 focussed on Haikus and how they are often about the seasons. The class discussed the format and rules and the related 'kigo' - a line that relates to the seasons. The children then split into 4 teams and had a go at creating their own haikus about a season. Year 6 then came together and chose their best line from the 'autumn' group to create a class haiku about autumn. It was so much fun!

...and here's our new poetry display full of our wonderful work:

What a fabulous day we all had!

Mrs Armitage


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