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3M slo-mo marble challenge - May 2022

10 budding scientists from year 5 have been working extremely hard since before Easter to create slo-mo marble runs for the 3M challenge. The idea was to create the slowest marble run. The children had set specifications that they needed to build their marble run to and they had to think hard about the science behind it. There were two teams 'Arcade Mania' and 'Iconic Games'.

Just before half term, the two teams went to the 3M offices to present their marble runs to the judges. They had to give a presentation all about how they made and developed their marble runs before the judge tested them to see how long it took for the marble to go through.

Both teams did amazing and were a credit to Booth Wood with their attitude and behaviour. Whilst team 'Arcade Mania' scored highly they just missed out on a place in the final. However, team 'Iconic Games' got through to the final presentation event in a few weeks time. There, they can bring an adult guest and have a buffet dinner whilst the judges present the awards. We are super proud of both teams, who all worked so hard. But a huge congratulations to team 'Iconic Games'.

Team 'Arcade Mania' with their participation certificates after narrowly missing out on a place in the final. Great work everyone!



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