Updated: Aug 31

Hello! Welcome to 6A.

Your teachers this year are:

Mrs Dawes - Class Teacher (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning)

Mrs Hall - Class Teacher (Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday)

Mrs Taylor - Teaching Assistant

We are really excited to start working with you all in Year 6, we have lots of fun things planned for the year ahead.

Autumn Term

This term in Science we will be learning about Light and Sight.

In this unit children will learn about how light travels and that we see things because light travels from light sources to our eyes, or from light sources to objects and then to our eyes. They will learn that shiny or reflective surfaces alter the direction in which light travels. Children will have the opportunity to solve problems related to everyday life about how light travels and how we see. Children will also investigate and explain the shapes of shadows, and relate this to light travelling in straight lines.

Working Scientifically, children will have the opportunity to plan and carry out an investigation in the context of finding a reflective material for children’s clothing. They will have the opportunity to use light sensors and data logging equipment to measure and record their observations and they will write a report detailing what they have concluded.

In History, we will be learning about the Battle of Bosworth and The Tudors. During this unit of work the children will find out all about what happened during the Battle of Bosworth by visiting the site. We will also look at the end of the War of the Roses, Richard the 3rd and the rest of the Tudor line.

In English we will be reading Eye of the Wolf. The children study the text, paying close attention to the author’s use of language and specific devices such as flashback and character viewpoint - and how point of view affects our view of events. They consider examples of adding more detail in a variety of ways using noun phrases. They look at the impact of narrative viewpoint: who is telling the story, the impact of this on the listeners, and themes within the story (particularly humans as a destructive force). For composition they rewrite a scene from the perspective of a different character and complete the unit by retelling a section of the story from the point of view of one of the animals.

In Maths the children will work in their Power Maths books and they will be working on place value with in 1,000,000, the four operations of number, fractions and position and direction.

Please encourage your child to work hard to develop their times table knowledge and to learn to tell the time.

In Computing we will be looking at Variables in Games.

PE kit and PE days

We have 2 hours of PE each week with Mr Wolfe, on a Tuesday and a Wednesday.

Full school uniform is expected on the days when you do not have PE but please make sure that your child comes to school in their School PE kit (white or navy polo top or t-shirt, black or navy jogging bottoms and a Booth Wood fleece).

Homework and spellings

Homework is very important as it helps your child to revise what they have learnt in school. It also helps to keep you informed of their progress and the current topics in the classroom. Homework will be set every Friday and will be expected to be completed by the following Friday.

Things we need

  • A bottle of water (no juice please in case of sticky spillages).

  • A healthy snack for break.

  • Fridays are 'treat' days, so your child can bring a treat for their snack. Alternatively, your child can bring 50p for our school tuck shop which will allow them to buy a sausage roll/drink (50p each).

  • Book bag with reading book and reading record.

  • Year 6 children are able to take their iPads home with them to work on but these must be brought into school every day fully charged.

Contacting the staff

As a team, we are always here for you. If you need to discuss anything with us please either make an appointment to speak to us with the office or contact us using the email address below:


Many thanks for your continued support.

The Year 6A team.