Ancient Greek Pottery

In our History unit about Ancient Greece, the class have been looking at where and when some key events took place during the Ancient Greek period. They have explored what is meant by the terms ‘trade’, ‘civilisation’ and ‘empire’ and explored how, towards the end of the ancient Greek period, Alexander the Great grew an empire resulting in the Greek civilisation spreading more widely.

When learning about daily life in ancient Greece, the class explored what life was like for different people. The children also use ancient Greek pottery as a primary source to help them gather evidence about the ancient Greek Olympics and make comparisons between the ancient Games and the modern Olympics.

With that in mind, our art unit for this half term has been about Greek pottery. The children have created their own mood board, designed their own pottery, sculpted their pottery, decorated their pottery, and have finally evaluated their own work. Below are a few photographs of the process! 😊