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    Autumn Term

    Updated: Oct 4, 2019


    This term our main topic will be Earth and Space. The children will be learning about the planets and our solar system during their Science lessons with Miss Knowles. We are hoping to book a class trip to the Think Tank where the children will visit the Planetarium and see the night sky and the planets up close.


    In their Geography lessons, the children will be learning all about mountains from around the world with Mr Jenkins. The children will be using the ClassVR headsets to experience climbing mountains and looking closely at the changes to the environment as they reach the summit. The children will also spend time looking at atlases and learning how to find information about the environment by using these.


    In maths we have started to use a new mastery Maths scheme. Your child will be learning new skills and strategies to support their understanding in maths. Please make time to talk to your child about their learning in maths and the new strategies that they are learning.


    Our first unit of work in English is Oranges in No Mans Land. This is a fantastic text that introduces the children to a child living in war torn Lebanon. The children will meet a little girl called Ayesha who embarks on a dangerous journey across the green line to save her granny's life. Please find time to chat to your child about this book and allow them time to share their learning with you.