Autumn Term

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

We've got two very exciting topics to learn about throughout the Autumn Term in Year 2.

Read below to find out more!


What are seasons?

In this exciting Geography and Science-based topic, we will be learning all about the weather and seasons. The changing of the seasons from summer to autumn is the perfect time to observe the different changes happening, including the different types of weather. We will study weather patterns and Earth from space and monitor the daily weather using tally charts. We will then use this data to predict and become Year 2 weather presenters!

After this, we will discover how clouds are made and make our very own using a kettle and mirror and learn some fun songs and rhymes linked to our topic. We will then move on to explore where windy weather comes from, why it changes and make our own wind vanes. We will explore weather in different parts of the country, revising our locational knowledge as we go along. At the end of the topic we will hopefully have created a wonderful 'Weather Wonderland' display to share our learning journey with everyone.


Should we still celebrate Bonfire Night? Did the Great Fire make London a better or worse place?

In this History-based unit, the class will become time travellers and go back to explore two very different events within the Stuart period. First, we will investigate the events of the Gunpowder Plot which led to Bonfire Night being introduced into the UK calendar. Next, we will study the Great Fire of London, and decide whether or not it improved London for those living there. The children will learn to interpret evidence from the time and afterwards, examining whether the sources are reliable. At the end of the unit, we will design and make our own city of London from the Stuart period, head to the woods and re-create the Great Fire of London in the Booth Wood camp fire area, something which children in past years have thoroughly enjoyed watching!