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Autumn Term 1

Welcome to year 3. I look forward to teaching you all and know we will have lots of fun learning together throughout the year. This first half term we will be looking at the following topics:


In this first unit, the children explore the Big Question: Who killed Tutankhamen? They read the interactive eBook, retrieving and collating information and identifying evidence in the text to support their theories. They investigate main and subordinate clauses and are introduced to the perfect tense. In their writing tasks, they write letters, paragraphs, and finally compose an explanation text in response to the Big Question.

After we move onto a fictional text called 'The Storm'. The children listen to the story and predict what may happen at various points. They focus on character, setting and mood, asking questions as the story progresses and locating evidence in the text to answer specific questions. They understand why descriptive sentences are important and how setting affects mood. They revise and develop punctuating direct speech and then work on nouns, adjectives and expanded noun phrases. The writing tasks involve planning and writing a description of setting, and planning and writing a conversation using direct speech and correct punctuation..


We will be continuing to follow the 'Power Maths' scheme and this half term we will be learning: Place value within thousand and addition and subtraction of 100s, 10s and then 2digit numbers. . Keep practising times tables at home (children should already know 10s, 5s and 2s) as this will really help your maths in year 3!

PE days and PE kit

We have 2 hours of PE each week with Mr Wolfe, on a Monday and a Wednesday. Children will continue to come to school in their PE kit on PE days, please make sure the PE kit is: a white or navy polo top or t-shirt, black or navy jogging bottoms/shorts, a Booth Wood fleece and trainers. No branded sports kit should be worn.


Our unit this half term is 'Rocks and Soils.' In this unit children will recognise that below the surface of Earth is rock which they may not be able to see. They will understand that over time rocks have been broken down to form smaller rocks, pebbles, stones and eventually soils. They will recognise that there are different rocks and different soils which have different properties and appearances. Children will identify, name and describe different rocks. They will compare and group different rocks and soils based on appearance and properties, e.g. hardness, and they will examine the soil in their local area. They will consider the impact of worms in making soils. Children will also describe in simple terms how fossils are formed when living things have been trapped in rock. They will have the opportunity to make a model fossil and look at the work of early palaeontologists, such as Mary Anning.


Our unit this half term is 'Geography of the UK'. In this unit, children will take a look at the geography of the UK - from the physical features of mountains, rivers and seas to the man-made administrative regions and counties. They will find out how the UK has changed over time, looking at how London grew and how the population of the UK as a whole has changed throughout the course of history.

Homework and spellings

Homework is given our weekly in KS2 and helps to keep you informed of your child's progress and the current topics in the classroom and also helps revise what we have learnt in school. Spellings will be set weekly and your child will receive a paper copy as well as the spellings being available on spelling shed and the website. Homework and new spellings will be set every Friday and will be expected to be completed by the following Friday.

Children will have logins to TT rockstars and Twinkl and should be encouraged to do this at home where possible. Please continue to encourage your child to read at home regularly, some children may now happily read on their own , which is brilliant. But reading out loud to an adult at home a few times a week is still great practise.

Things your child needs

  • A bottle of water (no juice please in case of sticky spillages).

  • A healthy snack for break.

  • Fridays are 'treat' days, so your child can bring a treat for their snack. Alternatively, your child can bring money for our school tuck shop, which will allow them to buy a sausage roll/drink (50p each).

  • Book bag/rucksack with reading book and reading record.

  • Wear PE Kit to school on PE days (Monday and Thursday).

Contacting the Staff

The year 3 team is always here for your child and you. If you just need a quick word then you may be able to catch one of us in the morning or after school. However, if it is something that requires a longer conversation then please email or phone the office to book an appt.

We look forward to seeing you all back in school.

The Year 3 Team



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