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Autumn Term - 1


Our topic this half term is... Me, Myself & I!



  • Fiction Unit 1.1 Guess What?

The children predict how the different stories will end, and then retell them in their own words. They focus on characters and ask questions about them, and they link the characters’ experiences to their own using drama and role-play. They then decide which story they liked most and give reasons for their choice. The children compose sentences orally, with the teacher modelling correct punctuation, and go on to write their own compositions about a visit to a farm and the diary of a dragon. In the main writing task, they plan, storyboard, orally re-tell and write ‘My Hedgehog Story’ and then review and evaluate it with their peers.

  • Poetry 1.1 Sensational Senses

The children use their senses to explore the weather, mud and the playground as they enjoy listening to a range of poetry. They come up with new vocabulary and sound effects and use real and invented words to describe what they feel - linking it all to their own experiences. They construct sentences to describe how things feel and sound. Oral rehearsal is encouraged at each step of the planning and writing process as they create short narratives and poems. They experiment with sound and rhythm to recite a poem as a group.



Identifying Materials

In this unit children will have identified and named common types of materials including wood, metal, plastic, rubber, fur, towelling, nylon, wool, sponge, cotton wool, paper, card, brick, ceramics, rock and some liquids and powdered solids. They will have labelled, collected and grouped together objects made from the same material. They will state that different objects can be manufactured from the same materials. They will say why some materials are unsuitable for some objects.

Working scientifically, children will have tested the properties of different liquids. They will have investigated which materials are good to wrap and protect a hollow chocolate object being sent through the post.


Geography: Our School

Computing: Online Safety

PSHE: Being Me

R.E: What does it mean to belong to a faith community?

Art: LS Lowry

Music: Pulse