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Autumn Term 1 in Reception Class

Communication and Language/Literacy

We will share some fun, familiar stories during literacy that are linked to our topic of Autumn. Our main focus will be speaking and listening. The stories we share will provide opportunities for us to share our thoughts, talk about what we liked about each story, describe the story events, ask and answer questions relating to each story and retell the stories using talk and roleplay. We will share stories as a class and work in small groups during discussion times. We will begin our phonics sessions by looking at individual letter sounds and blending sounds together to make simple words. We will also be working on writing our names using name cards and having a go at independent writing during continuous provision activities.


It is important that children develop a deep understanding of numbers to 10, therefore we will begin the Autumn term by looking closely at numbers up to 5. We will do this in fun and practical ways, with a little bit of help from the Numberblocks! We will think carefully about number order, quantity, counting with one-to-one correspondence and composition. We will use a range of resources to support this, during whole class teaching, group work and in continuous provision.

Physical Development

A range of resources that support physical development will always be available during continuous provision, including small and large equipment. Adult led activities will involve using large equipment to support gross motor development, such as making dens and building large scale trucks. Fine motor activities will be provided daily, and to get those fingers working we will begin our daily Dough Disco sessions in the first few weeks.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

During circle time, we will introduce the class rules and school values and think about why these are important. We will enjoy some circle time games to help build relationships and confidence and consider our own feelings and the feelings of others. During continuous provision opportunities, children will be supported to develop positive relationships with other children and staff.

Understanding the World

During Autumn term 1, we will think about the season of Autumn. This will include observing the environment to identify signs of Autumn and discussing seasonal changes. We will begin our weekly Forest School sessions with Mrs. Clarke, look at maps of the school and the local area and investigate forces.

Expressive Art and Design

Art and design will include activities and experiences linked to our topics. We will create self-portraits and use a range of materials and techniques to create our own hedgehogs and owls. Alongside the home corner, there will also be a doctor’s surgery to visit. A range of musical instruments will be available during continuous provision for us to explore ‘pulse’.