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Autumn Term 1 Learning

This half term we have learnt lots in year 3. Below is a snapshot of some of the things we have been learning. Enjoy!

Science - We have been learning about rocks, soils and fossils. We made fossils out of dog biscuits, then made clay fossil moulds and filled them with plaster of paris. We went on a soil hunt around school and into the forest and tested rocks to see how hard they were. We even found worm poo!

Maths - We have done lots in maths this half term, but had fun on the last Friday of the month doing 'mysterious maths' challenges.

Reading - We had a trip to the reading lodge, so everyone could pick a library book to read.

Art - This half term our topic has been 'Autumn Art' so we have had a great time collecting leaves, sketching them, painting them, making them out of paper and printing leaf designs. We made a great display outside our classroom.

Music - We have enjoyed our schools new music scheme this term and have had lots of fun creating beats and rhythms with cups. It has got quite noisy at times!

Teamwork - We have done lots of group and paired work this half term.