Our Topics This Term

Autumn Term 1

English - A Huge First Step

In this unit, we will be looking at and selecting applicants to be trained as astronauts for a mission to Mars. We will read about Neil Armstrong in the interactive eBook and use the eBook’s features to find out about Neil Armstrong’s personal qualities.

Throughout this unit we will focus on effective use of pronouns and fronted adverbials, and use these in our writing tasks: to write a diary entry and a biography.

Maths - Place Value with 4-digit Numbers

During this half of the Autumn Term we will be learning about adding, subtracting and partitioning 4-digit numbers. We will also be looking at how we can represent these, round these and use number lines and Roman Numerals to support our answers.

Science - Dangers to Living Things

Prior to teaching this unit, our class have studied 'Feeding and Exercise' and 'Habitats' in Year 2 which helps them to already have an understanding of this unit.

In this unit we will work towards answering the question ‘How can changes to the environment affect the things that live there?’ We will construct and interpret food chains, identifying producer, prey, consumer and predator. This is to help our class realise that the availability of food is an important factor when considering how animals respond to change in the environment.


We will investigate the effect of a small change to an environment by placing carpet or other covering on the ground, and will consider the impact of larger changes to the environment such as fire and flood. As well as this, we will consider how humans can reduce the impact of some environmental changes.

Our class will finish by answering the Quest about the effects on pond life of diverting a river to build new houses, when the original course of the river feeds into the pond.

Geography - Amazing America

In this unit the children, inspired by Johnny Cash singing ‘I’ve been everywhere’, travel the North and South American continents, and distinguish between the terms ‘continent’, ‘region’, ‘country’, ‘state’ and ‘city’ along the journey.

Finding and using images and maps on the internet and in atlases, we will make notes on cities and record their countries and/or states. We will then compare the built environments and settings of the cities and, through them, identify some key regions of the American continents. For the Big Finish, we will use the song ‘Route 66’ as the stimulus for creating an illustrated, labelled and annotated map of the historic route.