Autumn Term 2

Literacy/Communication and Language

During phonics we will continue to recap the sounds we have looked at so far and practise blending sounds into words for reading and writing using 'Fred talk'. We will look at some familiar stories as part of our literacy sessions, which our guided writing tasks will be based around.


In maths this half term we will continue to strengthen our skill in number up to 5. This will include understanding number bonds to 5 and making comparisons. We will also think about how things can be sorted into various groups and the concept of time, in terms of 'before, next, after that' and morning, afternoon and evening.

Wider Curriculum

We will continue to think about seasons and seasonal changes as we approach Winter. We will also explore some of the festivals and celebrations that take place over the coming months. These themes will be explored through the ‘understanding the world’ and ‘art and design’ areas of learning. Our PSED sessions this half term will focus on ‘celebrating difference’, which also fits in with these themes. We will continue to work on our physical development with indoor and outdoor activities on a daily basis that support both fine and gross motor skills.