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Autumn Term - 2




Non-fiction Unit 1.1 Who Lives Here?

The children read the interactive eBook Who Lives Here?, linking the text to their own experiences. They use maps to recall the sequence and ask questions about events in the eBook. They learn about different uses for capital letters and use these in

their writing. The writing tasks involve composing factual sentences about animals and writing a nature diary following a model.

  • Live Unit 1.1 Poetry Star!

The children are introduced to the idea of the unit: that they will present poems to an audience and become poetry stars. As a class, they read and recite a variety of poems, practising reading them in different ways (adding actions, expression, etc.) to develop their skills. They practise ways to learn poems off by heart. They practise joining words to make sentences and using the punctuation to help read for meaning. After some teacher modelling, they write letters to invite people to their poetry star performance, rehearsing sentences orally before writing them. Time is given at the end of the unit for the children to practise performing poems, both as a whole class and in smaller groups. The children then present to an audience, and feed back on each other’s performances.



Changing Seasons

In this unit children will learn that there are four seasons, the names for these seasons and that there are differences between them. They will identify and design weather symbols for the different types of weather they are likely to experience across the seasons.

Working scientifically, children will make observations and measurements over time throughout the seasons including day length, temperature, rain/snow fall, wind strength, cloud conditions and the accompanying changes to plants and animals in their local environment. They will describe and record their findings and compare them across the seasons.


Geography: Our Local Area

Computing: Online Safety

PSHE: Celebrating Difference

R.E: What do Christians believe God is like?

D&T: Dips & Dippers

Music: Voice & Christmas Nativity