Summer Term

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Summer 1: Wild Water

In our Geography based topic, we will be exploring rivers and the water cycle. Learning to

name and locate some of the UK’s and the world’s most significant rivers, how they are formed and also fit into the water cycle.

In English, we are focusing on 'The Iron Man' - a fictional unit based on the book by Ted Hughes and culminating in the children writing their own stories based on a creature. We will also base our DT activities around the Iron Man. We will then look at exploring poetic language. Grammar lessons will be taught as well as embedded into our written work.

In Maths we are focusing on geometry (angles, 2D shapes and lines of symmetry) and decimals. We will also continue to practise times tables and quick recall of addition and subtraction facts.

In Science we are looking at Changes of State: Identifying, grouping and describing different materials as solids, liquids or gases and thinking about their different particles. Also learning the same material can exist in different states and that some states can be reversed.

In RE we are looking at Judaism whilst in PSHE we are focusing on Healthy Me.

In PE this half term we will enjoying doing cricket and tennis.

In Art we are looking at Claude Monet and using his ideas to inspire our own water colour paintings of water.

Summer 2: Sparks Might Fly!

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