Autumn Term in Year 1

Wow! What a busy start to our term already! Here is what we will be doing for the rest of the term!

In Literacy we will be....

Reading lots of stories and poetry! We will be reading stories where we will be predicting what happens next as well as making up our own! We will also be carrying on with Phonics and weekly spellings.

In Maths we will be.....

Using numbers to 10. We will be counting backwards, forwards, in 2's ,5's and 10's too! We will be using Power Maths to learn how to use bead strings, Tens frames, Number lines and much more!

In Science we will be...

Investigating Materials! We will be looking at lots of different materials and what their purpose is. We will be grouping them into their properties and also investigating some unfamiliar materials!

In History we will be ....

Looking at our family history. We will exploreback in time at childhood in the 1950s. We will ask questions about what toys children used to play with and also look at similarities and differences between life now and then.

In Art we will be....

Focusing on the art work of LS Lowry. We will look at his drawings of landscapes and communities and comapre this with where we live.

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