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Autumn Term Two

Autumn Term Two

English - Oranges in No Mans Land

In this unit, the children explore a fiction set in Lebanon. They read the interactive eBook, asking questions and developing understanding of inference and the author’s use of language. They use discussion and role-play to explore characters and the impact of civil war. They develop editing, proof-reading and peer-review skills. They plan, edit and write a story from a different character’s point of view.


Science - Dangers to Living Things

In this unit children will have compared and grouped together everyday materials on the basis of their properties, including their hardness, solubility, transparency, response to magnets and electrical and thermal conductivity. They will have given reasons, based on evidence from comparative and fair tests, for the particular use of everyday materials, including metals, wood and plastic.

Working scientifically, children will have classified materials in different ways explaining their classification criteria. They will have planned, carried out and interpreted an investigation in trying to answer a question about the most suitable material for a given function.

Geography - Marvellous Maps

Marvellous Maps allows children to further explore the range of maps available to geographers and to develop their understanding of the key features of maps. They will study a range of maps and atlases, including digital maps, and compare their features. The will learn to use the eight compass points to give directions and give grid references to locate places on a map. By comparing maps of the same place, children will learn about the way that places have changed over time.