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Updated: Jan 23

At Booth Wood we are very passionate about reading. Our aim is to get children reading at least once a day, whether this is at home or school. If a child can read, then this helps with all aspects of the curriculum. We also love to encourage children to read for pleasure.

Currently your child is sent home with either one or two books- a banded book and possibly a library book. This is now changing.

To link with your child’s phonics lessons we are now sending out ‘phonics books’ which are highly personalised to your child’s reading level. This is a book taken directly from our phonics scheme- Read Write Inc.- and is full of the letters and sounds that your child learns each day at school. The idea behind these books is to get your child reading as quickly and fluently as possible. We call this ‘speedy reading’.

Your child will also have a banded book. This is designed for shared reading, so either your child reads it to you, or you can read it to them.

An optional third book will be from our library. The library visits our classroom every other week and your child has a wide variety of books should they wish to choose one.

We feel very fortunate to have such amazing resources in our school and we are sure you will agree that the quality of books that we have here are wonderful. It is very much appreciated when you listen to your child read and encourage your child to love books as it has a huge impact on their learning.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions. For more information about our phonics reading scheme, click here.

Mrs Harvey and Mrs Armitage

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