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Reading Awards

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Here at Booth Wood Primary School, we believe that reading is one of the most powerful tools of learning both in and out of school. Reading:

· exercises our brain;

· improves concentration;

· teaches children about the world around them;

· improves vocabulary and language skills;

· develops a child’s imagination;

· help children achieve better in school.

We are always looking for ways to encourage children to read for pleasure, and our reading awards system has proven to get children passionate about reading.

The aim of the reading awards is to complete all three bookmarks- bronze, silver and gold. Each bookmark has a number of boxes for parents/carers/teachers to sign off when your child has read a book. As children in Key Stage 2 read bigger chapter books they have less boxes to fill. Each time your child completes a bookmark, they are to hand it to their class teacher who will give them the next bookmark up. When your child completes a gold bookmark, they will be given a whole week of access to our wonderful reading lodge, a certificate and a leaf on our special ‘Golden Reading Tree’.

We hope your child enjoys the competition!

Here's the children who have completed their gold bookmarks this year...