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Maths in Reception

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Maths is always lots of fun in Reception class. It is taught through whole class direct teaching, small group work and during continuous provision, in a range of fun, exciting and practical ways. Children's interest in maths and problem solving will be encouraged through maths games and fun activities, alongside the use of mathematical language. Throughout the year, our maths will focus on the following aspects:

  • Counting objects, actions and sounds

  • Developing a deep understanding of numbers to 10

  • Subitising (instantly recalling the number of objects or images without needing to count them individually)

  • Counting beyond 10

  • Comparing numbers and 'one more than' and 'one less than'

  • Number bonds to 10 and simple addition/subtraction

  • Linking numerals to values

  • Exploring shape and pattern

  • Comparing length, weight and capacity

To support understanding of number, we sometimes use resources in class such as number tracks, part-whole models and tens/fives frames and counters, similar to the ones below. We also use a range of objects to explore different mathematical concepts such as shells for counting and beads for creating and patterns.

How can you support your child's mathematical development at home?

Much of your child’s learning will come from exploring and talking about maths in the world around them and there are simple things you can do at home to support their development.

  • Counting everything - steps, cars, biscuits in a jar - anything in or around the home!

  • Building with bricks - how many red bricks? How many blue bricks? How many altogther? Can you pass me 5 bricks?

  • Talking about the sequence of the day - before, after, first, next, later and looking at clocks

  • Spotting patterns - look for repeating patterns on curtains, wall paper, clothing, in the garden

  • Creating and extending patterns with objects such as blocks, cars, beads and toys

  • Practise forming numerals - this could be with a pencil, felts, play doh, in the air, in the mud!

  • Sing number songs that encourage counting forwards and backwards, such as '5 Little Ducks', '1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive' and '5 Currant Buns'

  • Shape hunting - look for 2D/3D shapes in the home, garden, when shopping

  • Baking - a great way to practise counting and talk about measuring, weight and distribution of ingrediants into different sized/shaped containers

There are also lots of online games and videos to support your child with maths. Below are links to some of the games that we like to play in class.

Additionally, we have access to 2 great apps maths apps that your child can use and enjoy at home.

School Jam - This is a great app that we use to support children's mathematical development. Each week, different games and activities are available for you and your child to play at home. Your child will receive their own login details to be able to access these games.

Numbots - This is another useful tool that supports fluency in mathematical skills and is great to play at home! Children can play in story mode or challenge mode to access a range of games aimed to reinforce understanding of number. As with School Jam, your child will receive login details in order to use this app. Please see a member of staff if you need support with either app.



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