Maths in Reception

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

During the first half term in Reception class our maths learning focused on recognising, representing and manipulating numbers 1 - 5. This included counting to 5, counting objects reliably, representing numbers to 5 in different ways and matching groups of objects to the correct numeral. We enjoyed doing this in lots of different ways using a range of resources and activities.

In class, we sometimes use number tracks to help us count and recognise numbers. We also use fives frames to help us represent numbers up to 5 in different ways, using lots of different counting objects. These are the same as the ones below. You might like to make a number track or a fives frame with your child to support them in mathematical learning opportunities at home. Remember - you can use anything for counting - pebbles, toy cars, apples, or even actions such as jumps, claps or hops!

Online Maths Games

Below are some useful links that will take you to some great number games that your child might like to have a go at.

Teddy Numbers -

Ladybird Spots -

Underwater Counting -

School Jam