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Number Day 2023!

On Friday 3rd February, Booth Wood will be celebrating 'Number Day' where the whole school will be taking part in lots of fun activities based around maths and raising money for the NSPCC. Children will be taking part in a number of exciting activities based around numbers and maths, including Buddy's Key Challenge (a group problem solving task), many quizzes, games and team activities.

The letter below explains the event further and explains the important work that the NSPCC does.

Number Day 2023
Download PDF • 949KB

Dress up for Digits

We will be dressing up for the day in our 'Dress up for Digits' event where we are encouraging everyone to dress up in a costume linked to numbers. Ideas include a football shirt, dress as a calculator or wear a onesie! Let your imagination run wild!

Maths at home

The letter below explains further ways you can incorporate maths into your everyday lives at home

Numbers at home
Download • 740KB

The day will focus on celebrating maths and raising money for this incredible charity.

Photos of the day!

The whole school had an incredible day raising money and having fun with maths!



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