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Progression of Skills

Below are a variety of documents that highlight the progression of skills in the various mathematical areas.

All areas progression map
Download PDF • 800KB

1 Progression Map Place Value
Download PDF • 234KB

2 Progression Map Addition and Subtraction
Download PDF • 264KB

3 Progression Map Multiplication and Division
Download PDF • 301KB

4 Progression Map Fractions
Download PDF • 259KB

5 Progression Map Ratio and Proportion
Download PDF • 231KB

6 Progression Map Algebra
Download PDF • 267KB

7 Progression Map Measurement
Download PDF • 306KB

8 Progression Map Geometry properties of shapes
Download PDF • 281KB

9 Progression Map Geometry posistion direction and movement
Download PDF • 248KB

10 Progression Map Statistics
Download PDF • 247KB



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