'Purple Pinkie' - project for polio!

All children in Year 6 have received a crocus bulb which were kindly donated by the Rotary Club.

To pant these successfully, follow these steps (or visit https://www.gardenersworld.com/how-to/grow-plants/how-to-grow-crocuses/) :

  1. Corms need to be planted pointy end up, about three to four corm heights below the ground.

  2. Crocuses need to be vernalized for about 15 weeks or let's say 100 days. Taking 1st March as a likely flowering date that means planting ASAP ! The explanation is that corms sense soil temperature declining, as winter bites, then spurt into growth as the soil warms in spring.

  3. After flowering the crocuses will multiply over a few weeks and then die back at the start of May. If planted in grass, the area should not be mown until after the beginning of May. Each year from then on there will be more crocuses.

Below is some information about the Rotary Club's project to support vaccinations against polio around the world.

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