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Reading Ambassadors

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

"We are the Booth Wood Reading Ambassadors and we have an important job to do in school. We all love to read and our job is to encourage others to read too!"

We meet regularly and discuss ways in which we can promote reading for pleasure, including sharing ideas and opinions from our classmates. 

We hope you enjoy our blog.

Booth Wood Reading Ambassadors

Reading ambassador charter
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Each month one pupil from within school will be nominated to be our 'Star Reader' in our Star Awards assembly. The 'Star Reader' will read a passage from their favourite book to read out to the whole school. We want our 'Star Readers' to encourage others to read more and find enjoyment in a range of books. Come back to see the performances from our very own Booth Wood Star Readers!

March Star Reader

Our school reading ambassadors have come up with the wonderful idea of holding a 'Reading Rocks Readathon!'. This whole-school competition will be launching on Friday 19th November and each class will receive a special reading tracker. The class teacher will keep a list of all the books that the children have been reading both in school and at home and the class that has read the most books will receive a special prize at the end of term!

It would be fantastic if you could encourage your child to do a little reading at home each day to contribute towards this exciting competition. If you have a reluctant reader, check out our top tips for getting your child to read at home here:

At Booth Wood Primary School, we LOVE reading for pleasure. Not only does it help us with our learning, reading opens doors, it motivates, it inspires. Reading allows us to connect, to relax and unwind and get lost in magical lands. It improves our empathy towards others and fosters relationships and connections.

We spend a lot of our time trying to encourage our classmates at our school to read for pleasure for these simple reasons. We have awards, competitions, displays, a reading tree, blogs, a whole new selection of fantastic banded books by some of the best authors… and now we are proud to announce the opening of our brand new reading lodge.

Our reading lodge is a calm and welcoming space for us and our friends to relax, share and enjoy our favourite books. With its twinkly lights and comfy seating we know for sure that our friends are going to absolutely love it. But there’s just one thing missing… books! And this is where we need YOUR help.

We are kindly asking for donations of new well-loved children’s books suitable for ages 4-11. If you are unsure of what books to donate, we have created an Amazon Booth Wood Book Wish List full of our favourite books which you can access by clicking here. It’s a completely safe way of donating children’s books that can be delivered straight to our school with the click of a button. The list has been curated carefully, with requests from the children in each year group as well as book suggestions taken from well-known literature specialists such as the Book Trust and Waterstones. Once a book has been purchased, it will be removed from the Wish List so we won't get more than one copy. The list will be continually updated should you wish to donate more in the future.

Spread the news far and wide. The more we get, the more we can make the reading lodge an even better space for us and our friends.

Thank you so much for all of your help.

UPDATE: WOW! We have had HUNDREDS of books donated. Thank you SO much.