Spellings and Homework

All details regarding homework for spellings and times tables in Year 2 are explained below. Please do not hesitate to come and ask any questions, big or small! We must emphasise that daily reading is also essential in order for your child to flourish with their creativity, imagination, understanding of the world, writing and lots more!

Spelling Shed helps children to practise their spellings via a simple game. The game gives four different degrees of support in the form of difficulty modes; Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme. Higher levels allow a higher score to be achieved but children can practise as much as they like on lower levels before trying to gain high scores. The scores achieved give a league position and each class has its own league position within a school league and Spelling Shed's world league.

Once your child has their login information they can access our online game via https://play.spellingshed.com.

The class will be tested every Friday. The idea is that your child practices their spellings at home via the online 'Spelling Shed' resource as described above. If you do not have access to this, then please use the list below. Please ask if your child is unsure of which 'Stage' they are to learn.

Times Tables Rock Stars is a wonderful maths resource for your child to learn and practice their times tables to improve fluency and speed. The fun online resource is incredibly effective and highly recommended. It has been thoroughly enjoyed by many previous pupils in Year 2!

If you wish to do extra work with your child at home, why not try School Jam?

School Jam is a brand-new app for schools featuring fun, easy-to-use maths activities to help you help your child with their learning and help them to make better progress in class.

With School Jam, teachers send quick, fun activities for you to do with your child, directly linked to the maths they are learning at school. 

Please see Mrs Armitage if you require another school code.

If you want to do even more with your child at home, please see our 'Learning resources' post for lots of other ideas.

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