Spring Term

Updated: Feb 23

We have another two very exciting topics to learn about throughout the Spring Term in our class. Read below to find out more!


Who are our local heroes?

In this exciting History-based topic we will be learning about our very own local hero: Robin Hood. We will be using a range of evidence including visual images and written documents to answer key questions such as who is he? What did he do and why? Why was he considered a hero? Where is Sherwood Forest? At the end of the unit we will create a mini museum dedicated to Robin Hood which will include everything we have learnt over the unit.

In Science we will be learning about growing plants and discovering how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants. We will link this with the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest and learn all about the history of this, too. It's going to be super fun!


Where does our food come from?

In this Geography-based unit we will be using our map skills to explore where our food comes from and the journeys that different foods make. As the unit draws to a close, we will learn about regional food, which will support the children's greater understanding of the map of the UK. We will work in teams to create a 'Great British Food Map' and even eat a 'Great British Picnic'... yummy!

Check out our Study Guide to find out about everything else that we're going to be getting up to in other lessons here:

Study Guide
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