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    Spring Term

    Welcome back to the Spring Term here in Year 2. We're very excited to learn lots of things! Below is just a taster of what's to come...

    Spring 1

    Throughout the first half term, our history-based topic is 'Our Local Heroes'.

    In this unit, we will be learning about the lives of some of the most significant people in the history of our locality. We will be using a range of sources of evidence, including oral history, visual images and written documents. We will investigate places of interest related to the significant figures and build on the skills introduced throughout other topics, particularly the use of sources such as maps in Geography. In Art and Design we will become photographers, in Design and Technology we will become museum designers and in Computing we will learn how to code. The children will create a mini museum dedicated to the significant people that we will have studied as part of our 'Big Finish'.

    In Maths, we will be covering a range of units including multiplication and division, statistics and length and height.

    In English we will be reading a variety of books linked with our topic, along with exploring a range of fiction and writing our own versions of traditional tales. We will also become 'Word Detectives' where we will investigate spelling patterns and rules.

    In Science we will be learning about growing plants. We will explore how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants. We will also investigate what plants need to grow and will find out and describe how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy. Children will discover where seeds come from by investigating fruits and seeds in their local environment. They will carefully observe and sort seeds and will also recognise how some plants are able to grow from bulbs. They will plant a variety of seeds, describing how they grow. Children will have the opportunity to plant seeds and to observe growth.

    It will be lots of fun!

    In PE we will become dancers and improve our dancing skills and in RE we will be learning about 'Passover' (Judaism) and 'Prayer at home' (Islam). For PSHE we will be talking about our 'Dreams and Goals' and in Music we will be creating and performing in our very own band!

    Spring 2

    After half term, our new topic will be 'Journey - Food', where we will find out about where our food comes from.

    This Geography based unit links the everyday experience of buying and eating food within the UK, with the children's growing geographical understanding of the world. There will be a strong element of local area study and hopefully a trip to a local farm so that children can make connections between what we buy, where it comes from locally and how it might be able to be sourced from the UK (and beyond!). In Design and Technology we will make some sensational salads, in Science we will learn about food growing, life cycles and ecosystems and in Maths our learning will be reinforced about near and far, linking to the children's understanding of scale and distance.

    In Maths again we will be covering a range of units including properties of shapes and fractions.

    In English we will not only be using role-play through a food shop in our topic but we will also complete a Poetry unit where the children will enjoy listening and responding to poems in a range of different ways. We will explore poetic language and identify adjectives and verbs in a poem. They will draft, edit and compose their own poems and read them aloud. In our non-fiction unit we will also explore the Big Question: Does chocolate grow on trees? We will read the interactive eBook, find information and explore the layout of explanation texts. We will answer the Big Question, planning and writing their own explanation texts based on a model.

    In Science we will learn about changing shape. We will work towards answering the Quest question ‘How can we make art from changing the shape of materials?’ We will create a piece of artwork that applies the skills and knowledge developed in the unit. We will learn that the shape of materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. We will also explore how twisting can be used to make threads stronger and identify which materials bend or squash most easily.

    In PE we will learn how to play tennis, and in RE we will learn about Easter. In PSHE we will learn how to be healthy and in Computing we will learn how to publish digital content.


    We're all super excited for another jam-packed term!

    If you have anything relating to our topics then please let us know, we'd love to see them.

    Mrs Armitage x