Spring Term

Updated: Aug 24

This half term 5B have lots of exciting learning and topics to explore.


The children start by reading a selection of Greek myths, using drama and inference to empathise with the characters and looking at the different themes in myths. They look at the author’s use of words to build cohesion and link paragraphs and different ways of indicating parenthesis. For the final writing task, they brainstorm, plan and write their own myths, focusing on including powerful language and using words/phrases to link paragraphs.

We will then look at 'The Museum of Fun' looking at the fascinating ways people have had fun throughout history. In this unit, children explore the mission: to run the Museum of Fun! They read the interactive eBook, scanning and summarising information and relating it to their lives and experiences. They complete the mission, planning, writing and presenting television adverts to encourage people to visit the museum.


We will continue with multiplication and division and using formal methods, then we will move onto fractions. Please see below for an overview of what each unit involves and what the children are expected to know and be able to do by the end of each unit. Your support and encouragement with homework is highly beneficial in perfecting these important maths skills.

Science - our unit is 'Separating Mixtures'

In this unit children will learn about the separation techniques of filtering, sieving and evaporation. They will use sieves to separate materials of different sizes. They will learn that some substances (such as candyfloss) dissolve in water whilst others (such as dried herbs) do not. They will learn that they can separate a dissolved solid from a solution through evaporation of the liquid. They will consolidate and apply their knowledge of the properties of solids, liquids and gases by separating different mixtures.

History - Ancient Greece

Our history unit links with English this term.

In this unit about ancient Greece, children will gain an understanding of where and when some key events during the ancient Greek period took place. They will explore what is meant by the terms ‘trade’, ‘civilisation’ and ‘empire’ and explore how Alexander the Great grew an empire. They will explore what life was like for different people who were enslaved during ancient Greek times and explore the differences between life in ancient Athens and ancient Sparta. They will learn about early democracy in Athens. Children will use ancient Greek pottery as a primary source to help them gather evidence about the ancient Greek Olympics and make comparisons between the ancient Games and the modern Olympics. Children will sequence a version of the Trojan War and will explore historical evidence relating to whether there was any truth behind the myth.

PE days and PE kit

We have 2 hours of PE each week with Mr Wolfe, on a Monday and a Friday. Children will continue to come to school in their PE kit on PE days, please make sure the PE kit is: a white or navy polo top or t-shirt, black or navy jogging bottoms/shorts, a Booth Wood fleece or plain navy jumper and trainers. No branded sports kit should be worn.

Homework and spellings

Homework helps to keep you informed of your child's progress and the current topics in the classroom and also helps revise what we have learnt in school. Spellings will continue to be set as in year 4 and your child will receive a paper copy as well as the spellings being available on spelling shed. Homework and new spellings will be set every Friday and will be expected to be completed by the following Friday.

Children will have logins to TT rockstars and Spelling Shed and should be encouraged to do this at home where possible. Please continue to encourage your child to read at home, some children may now happily read on their own , which is brilliant. But reading out loud to an adult at home a few times a week is still great practice.

Things your child needs

  • A bottle of water (no juice please in case of sticky spillages).

  • A healthy snack for break.

  • Fridays are 'treat' days, so your child can bring a treat for their snack. Alternatively, your child can bring 50p for our school tuck shop which will allow them to buy a sausage roll/drink (50p each).

  • Book bag/rucksack with reading book and reading record.

  • Wear PE Kit to school on PE days (Monday and Friday).

Contacting the Staff

The 5B team is always here for your child and you. If you just need a quick word then you may be able to catch one of us in the morning or after school. However if it is something that requires a longer conversation then please phone the office to book an appt. or alternatively email: rbeech@boothwood.leics.sch.uk

We look forward to the next term together.

The Year 5B Team