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Spring Term 1 in Reception Class

Communication and Language/Literacy

This half term we will enjoy a range of traditional tales and fairy tales including Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, Cinderella and Jack and the Beanstalk. We will look at and discuss the elements of stories, such as settings and characters and think about these important features within our own story telling. We will continue to use our phonics knowledge when writing words and short sentences, ensuring our writing is purposeful. During phonics sessions, we will review the sounds and words we have looked at so far and continue to strengthen our reading skills using ‘Fred talk’ and ‘Fred in your head’. New sounds will be introduced when appropriate.


Our maths learning this half term will focus on one more/one less within numbers to 10, number bonds to 5, spatial awareness and positional language. We will continue to practise subitising skills and explore number composition in fun and exciting ways in order to strengthen our understanding of number. We will also practise counting using the 100 square, counting from different starting numbers and counting in 10’s and 2’s.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

To support our social and emotional development, we will think about personal challenges and how we can achieve these through developing a growth mindset, setting goals, overcoming obstacles and never giving up. We will also discuss the importance of British Values.

Understanding the World

With this half term’s theme in mind, we will explore various historical, geographical and scientific topics including kings and queens, castles, materials, bears from around the world and jobs. We will also observe seasonal changes as we move into Spring, particularly during our Forest School sessions.

Expressive Art and Design

Experiences and activities this half term linked to art and design will include observational drawing and exploring a range of materials during DT in order to construct a new chair or bed for Baby Bear and create a castle! During music sessions, we will focus on rhythm and have a go at making our own instruments.

Physical Development

This half term we will begin our weekly PE sessions with Mr. Wolfe. We will begin with gymnastics in the hall, focusing on rolling, balancing, stretching and moving in different ways. Towards the end of half term, we will also use the gymnastic equipment to further develop our gross motor skills. In the classroom, activities and experiences to support fine and gross motor development will be provided inside and outside.