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    Spring Term 2020

    Spring Term 2020!

    Welcome back and happy new year!  I hope everyone had a good Christmas and is feeling refreshed and ready to be back.

    Full preparation for the SATs start this term with after-school boosters every Tuesday and Thursday. Year 6 also start 10 minutes earlier each day in order to get started sooner and increase valuable revision time. After half term, we reduce the timetable in the afternoons to allow for more SATs revision time.


    In English, we will begin by directly linking to our science topic (Animals, including humans) and read a non-fiction interactive e-book called 'Blood'. During this unit, children will use their debating skills, record a radio advert persuading people to donate blood and write an extra page for the e-book.

    Following this unit, we will be looking at persuasive writing.


    This year in maths, we will using a new scheme of work called 'Power Maths' in which we will really be going deeper into the mathematics we learn, examining how and why it all works, whilst developing our procedural fluency.  

    Our first unit this term is coordinates and then we will move onto percentages, algebra, ratio and shape. There will also be weekly arithmetic tests.


    Our first topic this term in science is 'Animals, including humans' in which we will learn all about the heart and circulatory system and how we can stay healthy.  This will hopefully include the opportunity to direct some real animal hearts! After this, we will be learning about 'Changing Circuits' and electricity.


    Our geography unit during the first half term is 'Protecting Our World' and we will be thinking about the question, 'Are we damaging our world?'. We will consider the threats facing our world, what minerals are and how we can use them sustainably, the carbon cycle and the various energy sources we have and their advantages and disadvantages.


    We will be improving our coding and programming skills through 'Swift Playgrounds'.

    As well as all this, we will be doing R.E, PSHE, Music and Art & Design! Wow, what a lot of learning we've got planned!