Spring Term

Updated: Feb 11

This term we will be learning about the Romans. We will investigate how they lived, what they have invented and how this has impacted on Britain as we know it. The children will be using the VR headsets to experience what it was like for the gladiators in coliseums and even learn different recipes used for typical Roman dinners.


This unit is important as it will introduce hundredths for the first time, and link these to children’s understanding of tenths.

Children will begin learning about fractions that are greater than 1.

They will find equivalent fractions, using their understanding of pictorial representations to support this.

They will also begin understanding how to simplify fractions and investigate where and why this is a necessary mathematical skill.


In this unit, the children explore the Big Question: What is the world’s most incredible sport? They read the interactive eBook, finding information and distinguishing between fact and opinion. They answer the Big Question, planning and writing their own newspaper report


In this unit children will identify common appliances that run on battery and mains electricity, and name some appliances that do the same job but are operated manually. They will learn the names and functions of simple electrical components including batteries, bulbs, buzzers, wires and switches. They will understand the need for a complete loop for a bulb to light or a buzzer to buzz, and will construct simple circuits to light a bulb and make a buzzer buzz. They will then insert a switch into the circuit to turn the bulb/buzzer on and off.

Working Scientifically, children will raise questions related to electrical insulation and conductivity. They will plan and carry out investigations, make predictions, record results in appropriate ways and draw conclusions. They will apply knowledge about electrical circuits and conductors to design and make a switch.


This term we will be going to Conkers to experience a Roman day. A letter has been sent out for this trip.


This half term we would like the children to complete a My Way Homework over half term to share some of the information they have discovered. This can be done by a newspaper report, comic strip, fact file, video report, art work...the list is endless! We look forward to what your children produce.

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