Spring Term One

Spring Term 1

English - The Spiderwick Chronicles

In this unit, the children explore fantasy fiction. They read the interactive eBook, asking questions and developing understanding of inference. They use drama to explore characters and suspense and develop their editing and proof-reading skills. Their big write for this unit will be to plan, edit and write a new episode of the fantasy story!

Maths - Measure and Multiplication and Division During this half of the Spring Term we will be learning about multiplication and division, measure (area) and fractions. During these units we will look at:

Science - Sound In this unit, the children will develop their understanding of their personal health and how this is related to human nutrition, dentition and digestion. They will describe, sequence and investigate the simple functions and the basic parts of the digestive system in humans and they will identify and name the different types of teeth in humans and some other animals, and their simple functions.


Working Scientifically, the children will have the opportunity to set up simple enquiries and fair tests, asking questions and using different types of scientific enquiries to answer them. They will compare and contrast human and other animal dentition and will conduct an investigation on tooth decay substituting eggshells as a close representation of human teeth. Children will have used their results to draw simple conclusions and raise further questions.

Geography - All Around The World This unit allows the children to take a closer look at where the countries of the world are located, and some of the ways geographers describe locations. Children will learn to locate and describe places using longitude and latitude, and find out about some of the important lines that delineate specific areas of the Earth - the Equator, the Hemispheres, the Poles and the Tropics. Finally, by looking more closely at the lines of longitude, children will develop their understanding of time zones.