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Spring Term Two

Spring Term Two

English - Friend or Foe

In this unit, the children explore the Big Question: What makes someone a great explorer? They read the interactive eBook, and use other sources, to research challenges faced by explorers. They understand and explain different viewpoints. They look for evidence about what qualities successful explorers would need. They recap features of report texts and write an advert using persuasive language. They answer the Big Question, planning and writing a handbook for a new junior explorer.


Science - Animals including Humans

This unit focuses on the changes that human beings experience as they develop to old age. It tackles some sensitive subjects including puberty and death. As such, it is advisable to consult your school sex and relationships education policy prior to teaching this unit.

The children will learn about the life cycle of a human being. They will investigate the development of babies and compare the gestation period of humans and other animals. They will learn about the changes experienced during puberty and why these occur. The final investigation will be about the changes to the body as humans get older, as well as comparing the life expectancy of different animals.

Geography - Exploring Eastern Europe

In this unit, children have the opportunity to explore Eastern Europe. Firstly, they will learn about the countries of Europe. They will then look in more detail at some of the contrasting areas of eastern Europe, finding out about the landscape, climate and locations in each area. Children will bring together their learning about one area of eastern Europe and create information booklets to share what they have found out. In the final lesson of the unit, children will find out more about Chernobyl and its impact on eastern Europe and the rest of the world.