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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

This term 5B have lots of exciting topics to explore.


We will be reading 'Friend or Foe' by Michael Morpurgo.

Children will explore the feelings of the main characters and infer what they may be thinking and feeling during their evacuation from London. They will find evidence and detail in the text to justify their views

By the end of the unit they will have also:

- Written a short diary entry in the role of David, to show his first thoughts about Mr Reynolds.

-Use improvisation to role-play a new scene.

- Write the improvisations as two or three paragraphs.

- Created a non-chronological report all about Michael Morpurgo. - Written a story based on evacuees being sent to the countryside, focus on openings and endings.

We will also be studying Ultimate Explorers. In this unit, the children explore the Big Question: What makes someone a great explorer? They read the interactive eBook, and use other sources, to research challenges faced by explorers. They understand and explain different viewpoints. They look for evidence about what qualities successful explorers would need. They recap features of report texts and write an advert using persuasive language. They answer the Big Question, planning and writing a handbook for a new junior explorer.


We will continue with 'Power Maths' and focus on the units: decimals, geometry and measures.

Details of which can be found below:


This term in Science we will be learning about Forces. In the forces unit children will learn about a variety of forces including gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. They will explore how simple mechanisms can be used to make work easier. They will observe and explain how gravity causes an unsupported object to fall towards the Earth. They will research the relative effects of the gravitational pull on other planets. Children will carry out a range of activities to identify the effects of friction, air resistance, and water resistance and will consider ways of reducing water resistance through streamlining.

Later we will lear about lifecycles. Children will learn that plants and animals have life cycles and that reproduction is a part of this cycle. They will recognise that each life cycle has distinct stages but that these can vary between species, for example they may describe and contrast the stages of the human life cycle with three and four stage metamorphosis in insects and amphibians. They will understand the importance of reproduction for the survival of a species.


We will be looking at Marvellous Maps. We will be further exploring the types of maps that are available to geographers and developing our understanding of the key features of them. We will be looking at a range of different maps, including digital and OS maps, we will be learning how to use a map to give a grid reference and how a compass works. This unit links with our trip to

Beaumanor Hall where we will take part in some orienteering.


We will be studying the Ancient Romans. We will be looking at the impact that the Roman Empire had on the life in Britain. We will look at the spread of the Roman Empire, the invasion of Britain and the eventual conquest. We will also look at some of the aspects of the Romanisation of Britain and the rebellion against the Romans led by Boudicca.

PE days and PE kit

We have 2 hours of PE each week with Mr Wolfe, on a Monday and a Friday. Children will continue to come to school in their PE kit on PE days, please make sure the PE kit is: a white or navy polo top or t-shirt, black or navy jogging bottoms/shorts, a Booth Wood fleece or plain navy jumper and trainers. No branded sports kit should be worn.

Homework and spellings

Homework helps to keep you informed of your child's progress and the current topics in the classroom and also helps revise what we have learnt in school. Spellings are set every week and your child will receive a paper copy as well as the spellings being available on spelling shed. Homework and new spellings will be set every Friday and will be expected to be completed by the following Friday.

Children will have logins to TT rockstars and Spelling Shed and should be encouraged to do this at home where possible. Please continue to encourage your child to read at home, some children may now happily read on their own , which is brilliant. But reading out loud to an adult at home a few times a week is still great practice.

Things your child needs

  • A bottle of water (no juice please in case of sticky spillages).

  • A healthy snack for break.

  • Fridays are 'treat' days, so your child can bring a treat for their snack. Alternatively, your child can bring 50p for our school tuck shop which will allow them to buy a sausage roll/drink (50p each).

  • Book bag/rucksack with reading book and reading record.

  • Wear PE Kit to school on PE days (Monday and Friday).

Contacting the Staff

The 5B team is always here for your child and you. If you just need a quick word then you may be able to catch one of us in the morning or after school. However if it is something that requires a longer conversation then please phone the office to book an appt. or alternatively email:

We look forward to the next term together.

The Year 5B Team