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Summer Term


This term in English we will be reading the fabulous 'Friend or Foe' by Michael Morpurgo. The children will follow the adventures of David and Tucky as they witness a German bomber plane coming down over the moors.


In Maths we will be working to the 'Ready-to-progress Criteria' which will cover; decimals and percentages; converting units of measure including volume and capacity; properties of shape; position and direction. To further support your children please encourage them to continue to learn and practice their times tables as this will be vital to their progress in Year 6.


We will be completing more work on 'Forces' and then moving on to studying 'Life Cycles'. In this unit the children will learn that plants and animals have life cycles and that reproduction is a part of this cycle. They will recognise that each life cycle has distinct stages but that these can vary between species, for example they may describe and contrast the stages of the human life cycle with three and four stage metamorphosis in insects and amphibians. They will understand the importance of reproduction for the survival of a species.


In this unit, the children will find out about the UK’s global trade links, investigating where everyday products come from and the journeys they take to our homes. The children will also map the journeys taken by items, and research the pros and cons of buying local or imported goods. In Design and Technology the children will be looking at global food and having a go at cooking dishes from around the world.

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