Summer Term 1

Literacy/Communication and Language

We will continue to focus on developing our language skills using new vocabulary linked to our topic of 'Dinosaurs'. This will include lots of discussion, open ended questions and explanations. In literacy, we are aiming for independence in writing words, captions and simple sentences. This will include using our fantastic phonics knowledge to help us write with confidence and enjoyment!


This half term we will explore the concept of 'counting on' and 'counting back' using number tracks. We will also look at numbers to 20, shape and measure. Maths during the Summer term will also continue to embed number skills up to 10, particularly when solving problems such as doubles and number bonds.

Wider Curriculum

There will be lots of exciting things to investigate this half term linked to our topic of dinosaurs! This will include art and design activities and a scientific experiment to help us understand how volcanoes erupt! We will continue to observe changes in the environment, particulary in the woods and in our vegetable patch. In PE with Mr Wolfe, we will work outside on athletics skills and tennis/cricket.