Summer Term 2


Our topic this half term is... Growing & Changing!



  • Non-fiction Unit 1.3 Top Jobs

In this unit, the children explore the Big Question: What’s the best job? They read the interactive eBook, finding information and using drama to explore different roles. They explore new vocabulary and create a fact file. They learn how to write a job application, focusing on what they think they are good at, and then read aloud their writing to apply for the job. They answer the Big Question, planning and writing their own instruction text based on a model.

  • Poetry Unit 1.3 Growing Up

In this unit, the children explore poems with themes that are engaging and relevant to their own lives and experiences. They enjoy reading a range of poetry and listening to a poem being read by the poet. They respond to the situations described in the poems and consider what they would do and how they might feel. They compare poems, identifying similarities and differences in points of view and feelings. They learn poems by heart, experimenting with sound and movement as they recite and perform their poems. They create a class poem based on a model.



This unit will introduce children to the idea of plants as living things which grow and change over time. Children will work towards answering the Quest question, ‘How can we make a plant identification kit?’ The unit will encourage children to recognise the common features, similarities and differences between plants. Children will learn about the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants, including trees. They will identify, name and describe the main parts of plants, including trees. They will learn that trees are plants and will learn the meaning of ‘evergreen’ and ‘deciduous’ when describing and comparing trees. Children will describe and compare common plants and trees in their local environment and will learn specific vocabulary relating to trees, e.g. trunk, bark etc. They will have the opportunity to plant, grow and observe their own plants throughout the unit.

Children will consider how to treat plants as living things with care. At the end of the unit, children will create a model plant, a record of local plants and an identification kit for plants in their local area.


History: Nurturing Nurses

Computing: Introduction to Animation

PSHE: Changing Me

R.E: How should we care for the world and for others, and why does it matter?

D&T: Fabric Bunting & Garden Decorations

Music: Reflect, Rewind & Replay