Summer Term 2

Literacy/Communication and Language

During Summer term 2 we will share some lovely adventure stories and talk about adventures that we would like to go on. In literacy, we will continue to practise our writing skills using the strategies that we have learnt in phonics and have a go at writing with independence.


We will be working hard to deepen our number skills to 10 and beyond, exploring number patterns, simple addition and odds and evens. We will also investigate capacity using practical resources and think about time.

Wider Curriculum

This half term will provide lots of opportunity for us to reflect on how amazing our first year at school has been and celebrate our achievements. We will discuss the things we are proud of and our goals as we move forward. We will also investigate floating and sinking, seasonal changes as we welcome the Summer weather and how we can use ICT to support our learning. During PE, we will practise our athletics skills in preparation for sports day.