Summer Term 1


Our topic this half term is... Fantastic Voyages!



  • Fiction Unit 1.3 Fantastic Voyages

The children read two stories by Simon Bartram, Man on the Moon and Dougal’s Deep-Sea Diary. They look at the settings of the two stories, building their vocabulary, and use imaginative role play to explore the characters. They use the stories’ structures (a day-in-the-life and a diary) to retell the stories, and write alternative tales about the characters, diary entries, postcards and longer narratives, revising the use of ‘and’ to join sentences.

  • Live 1.2 Storytellers

The children are introduced to a traditional tale from ancient India, The Best of Friends. Activities involve selecting words to describe the characters vividly, identifying good storytelling techniques and exploring strategies for remembering a sequence of events. The children then compose and rehearse their own retellings of the story. They perform their retellings in small groups, both to the rest of the class and to a wider audience. Finally, the children evaluate their performances and reflect on their learning.



In this unit children will observe and recognise some simple characteristics of animals. They will learn that animals are similar to each other in some ways and different in other ways. They will begin to start grouping animals by the key features of their appearance.

They will work towards creating a plan of a zoo environment incorporating different types of animals in their design.

Working scientifically, children will have the opportunity of observing and classifying animals in the local environment and beyond. They will classify animals that are mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians or fish using simple observable features. They will record data, with help, in charts and tables and use these to answer questions.


Geography: Our Country

Computing: Digital Painting

PSHE: Relationships

R.E: Who do Christians say made the world?

Art: Landscapes & Cityscapes

Music: Your Imagination