Summer Term One

Updated: Apr 6

Summer Term 1

English - The Iron Man

In this unit we will start by listening to The Iron Man, asking and answering questions and making predictions about the text. We will look at the author’s use of powerful language to capture our imaginations, including similes. As well as this, we will revise speech marks, composing a conversation, and focus on the character Hogarth and his feelings to write diary entries in role. For our final writing task, we will create our own imaginary creature, thinking of similes and powerful noun phrases to describe it, and write a story about what happens when it encounters humans.

Maths - Money, Time and Statistics During this half of the summer term we will be learning about money, time and statistics. During these units we will look at:

Science - Grouping Living Things In this unit children will have identified, grouped and described different materials as solids, liquids or gases. The children will describe and actively model simple scientific ideas of solids, liquids and gases in terms of arrangement of particles. We will also look at recognising that the same material can exist in different states. The children will develop their ideas about states of matter and changes of state which can be reversed.

We will investigate how materials can be changed by heating and cooling and we will have investigated melting and freezing in everyday situations e.g. by melting chocolate to make crispy cakes. Working scientifically, the children will have had the opportunity to investigate how materials change when they are heated or cooled and they will have set up simple practical enquiries to investigate evaporation and condensation.

Geography - Water In this unit we will learn about the water cycle and allow the children to explore the processes of evaporation and condensation through a range of practical activities. By considering water as a finite resource, the children will be introduced to the ideas of conservation and consider some of the issues surrounding supplying clean drinking water to a growing global population.