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Supporting your child at home

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

There are a number of ways you can support your child at home, starting with helping with homework and practising times tables - a vital skill.

Below are some other resources which you may find useful.

Maths with Michael

Join TV presenter, teacher and parent Michael Underwood to bring you a mini-series called Maths with Michael. We understand that many parents feel like maths has changed and can sometimes find it difficult to keep up to date with modern teaching methods in maths.

There are 6 episodes, with an additional video on 'Has Maths Changed?'. Each episode includes a video and parent guide with suggested activities.

All videos can be found here and the parent guides can be found below.

Download PDF • 542KB
Download PDF • 515KB
Download PDF • 456KB
Download PDF • 462KB
Download PDF • 1.02MB
Download PDF • 415KB

Parent Workbooks

Click the link below to access a parental workbook for all year groups from year 1 to year 5, for all terms and all units! Each booklet is easily downloaded and contains the answers at the end.

Click here to access the workbooks.

Home-learning videos

Click the link below to access a range of videos to support your child's learning at home (whether or not they are isolating!). There are videos for each year group from reception to year 6, covering a variety of maths topics and there are also some extra 'project based' videos.

Click here to access the videos.

Math with Mr J

A great set of videos to support the learning of all areas in maths.

Click here to access the videos.

Jack Hartman - YouTube Videos

Engaging videos for children covering all ares of the curriculum.

Click here to access the videos.

1-minute maths app

This first version of the app is aimed at Key Stage 1 pupils (ie, age 5-6 years). Individual one-minute tasks focus on adding and subtracting – and on ‘Subitising’, the skill of instantly recognising the number of items in a group without counting. Multiplication and division topics are also now available!

Click here for more information and to download the app

NumBots Scrapheap Stories!

NumBots Scrapheap Stories have officially landed!

Each 10-minute story incorporates a different growth mindset, aiming to develop children’s confidence and resilience, setting them up for success in maths, and in life more generally.

Featuring four much-loved NumBots characters, NumBots Scrapheap Stories are perfect for at home, or even in the car. At the end of each story, there are a set of questions and a creative activity to encourage your pupils to reflect on the story’s message.

Check out the poster below for more information on how to listen or click the image below.

NumBots Scrapheap Stories
Download • 636KB

Family Maths Postcards

Click the link below to view the 'family maths postcards' and discover ways you can support your child with their early maths using everyday items and activities around the home.

Family postcards
Download • 499KB



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