Weekly Round-Up: 26th-30th October 2020

Updated: Nov 9, 2020


We have started a new unit in English! We are reading a book called 'Christophe's Story'; all about a little boy who moves to England to escape the Rwandan Civil War. Unfortunately, some children at his school are not very welcoming to him! One boy in particular is very cruel and, as a class, we discussed why he may be acting in such a horrible way.


This week we focused on inverse operations. Inverse operations are handy for checking your calculations. You can use addition to check subtraction and vice versa. This week's homework is a great way to practice these skills!


October is Black History Month. Black History Month is a time set aside each year to celebrate the achievements of black men and women in the past and today.

We learnt that black people have not always been treated equally, simply because of the colour of their skin. Lots of people knew that this was wrong and wanted things to change.

We learnt about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King and the incredible work they did for civil rights.

Musical Moments

This week we listened to Kelly Clarkson and three of her songs;

  1. Since U Been Gone

  2. Breakaway

  3. Stronger

'Stronger' was voted as the class favourite! Why don't you have a listen?